Bacon rolls

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Bacon rolls

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    This is how coppers roll!

    Also: note the alignment of the coffee/hot chocolate/cold drinks sign above the punters!
    => coppers = douchebags, real men drink coffee!

    Think Tank

    On tonight’s episode of “Bacon Rolls”, follow veteran detectives Michael Chocolate and Alex Drinks. Chocolate is an loudmouth, wise cracking spitfire who doesn’t always play by the rules. Drinks is a no nonsense, by the book pedant who can sometimes seem a bit emotionless, but gets the job done. Together, they are Hot and Cold, ace detectives…

    (also, a guest appearance by the street smart, ex-marine, barbershop owning informant, Frank Coffee!)


    You show great promise young pad…I mean prodigy. I can see at least a sequel there on the movie horizon!


    “Bacon, COZZERS!!”

    What’s it from?