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    Oh boy how I loved this intro, I knew epic shit was going to get down when I heard the music from another room. He was my living room hero. The best part is when he stares at the snake and he’s all, OH DAYUM. I think it’s from that episode where he tried to get out of a room where the floor was covered with snakes. I also particularly enjoyed the movement of his hair, it seemed so thick and you could predict how it would shake around when he was about to jump from an exploding helicopter or… Read more »


    i miss having hair like MacG.
    oh well.


    Epic. Reminds me i’ve downloaded all the seasons and still didn’t get around to finish watching them.


    Macgruber from SNL is still a much better action hero than that darn Macgyver


    While this is wildly inaccurate, there is a MacGruber movie coming this year, which I will more than likely watch. I just have this awful feeling its going to be very, very, very short.


    The problem is that it’s gonna be amazingly too long!

    I saw it as a preview to another movie, and thought, “Cool! SNL is advertising its sketch shorts… o_O Sweet mother of gawd! They’re making an F’in movie out of this crap?”


    Remember that episode where he turned a boiler room water tank into a goddamned missile?


    lol first post, i used to love that show as a kid, but i tired to watch it a while ago and it was so bad i had to change it-.-