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Anyone else catch that tool Glenn Beck?

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    that tool? why, because your precious global warming religion is being exposed? i like how you ‘tolerant’ libs expect to choke down your bull but we’re made out to be crackpots.

    what do you expect from the hypocritical libs though.


    Are you serious Bodero? I don’t know about global warming but you sound like an asshole ‘mang’. Chill. It’s just MCS, not the fu*king Washington Post.

    oliver clothsoff

    Global warming is bull look back into history a lil….in the 1950’s the liberals were convinced we were causing global cooling…. they werent right then and they aint right now.


    oliver, get your facts straight. You’re probably referring to Newsweek running a story on potential global cooling in the ’70s. You’d be better served mentioning the “Little Ice Age” of medieval times, that made Iceland and Greenland uninhabitable after the Vikings settled there.

    Either way it doesn’t change the fact that climate change is happening. Whether it is man-made or whether it is good/bad is yet to be determined.


    BBC delivers real news.