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    Did the penguin tell you that?

    fracked again

    How does penguin know what polar bear is?


    As if I would carry a revolver.

    I carry a Pistol.


    What’s a cabinate?

    Maxwell Edison

    To put someone in a cabin.

    “I was living in a shack, until they cabinated me.”
    -Some poor person


    .50 Eagle hand gun.Polar Bears,Penguins,Seals,Eskimos,Kodiak Bears & Alaska State Troopers.Try It work wonders!


    The question I like to ask is “Does this mean you are assuming liability for my personal safety?”


    compared to the literal insurance liability of having people dropping their rifles onto the table as they down a burger and fries? From a business perspective, that’s a no brainer.


    Lol, americans r so stoopid. There’s 7 FEET TALL NIGGAZ ON CRACK hiding under the tables! You need your guns! Or else you will surely not make it through alive!

    It’s a restaurant for fucks sack!


    This was just a restaurant also.


    And really odd, as almost all states in the U.S. give businesses the right to ask that carriers not come in with their weapons. I’m guessing this is Alaska, maybe people come in with the guns from their racks worrying that they’re vehicles will be broken into if there are visible guns in the back.


    Yes, this is common in places frequented by polar bears. I’ve seen banks here in Montana with signs that read, ‘Please leave guns in your vehicle and remove ski masks before entering.’

    Oh, Miko, that Desert Eagle .50 will only piss off a polar bear. The best defense against an angry ursine is a Remington 870-based 12-gauge shorty loaded with slugs:

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