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In response to my other Post.

Asinine America

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    good thing i dont know what this means or i wouldnt find it so funny


    Government-run wars! That’s the problem with you Americans, you need to privatize war.


    Black president? Really?

    Alec Dalek

    I call BULLSHIT!


    This all makes sense if you only listen to
    and Glenn Beck.
    Rock on, troglodyte!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I lol’d at most of the these. 2nd to last one is a little bit weird: (1) what do failed wars have to do with healthcare? (2) Democrats apparently do not support government run health care. They are clearly not going to pass it.


    I don’t think you can equate providing social services to a military takeover of a sovereign nation or a whole bundle of black ops and shady paramilitary dealings on a one-to-one basis.


    Furthermore, (sorry), I don’t expect them to RUN my healthcare, I just expect them to PAY for it.

    fracked again

    With the money we are already using to pay for healthcare. Just get rid of the health insurance casinos or force them to not make a profit on basic, broad coverage plans as does Germany. Also allow importation of pharmaceuticals or force fair market prices for drugs (return laws on pharma advertising to where they were in the 80s to bring down costs, too). Ba Da Bing.


    You do realize that 46% of health care spending is already paid for by the government as is, right? I see your argument, but government control is not always the most inefficient. Want to talk inefficient? By 2016, 20% of our GDP is going to be spent on health care! 20%! And for health outcomes that are at the bottom of the industrialized world. The current bill before congress does not specifically address cost containment, but it does bring more people into the system, allows more information to be gathered by health researchers, and allows us to start asking why our healthcare is so expensive.


    The government also runs our schools, colleges, build our roads and bridges, pays our police and fire, and everyfuckingthingelse. They haven’t managed to kill me yet with their horrible mismanagement of those.

    fracked again

    So we change the funding priorities. Make schools and infrastructure a priority, clear our some of the pointless military spending and move from a prison economy to a rehabilitation system. But that makes us “weak on crime” and “weak on defense.”


    You know, it’s funny how Republicans harp on Obama’s bailouts when Bush did it first and bigger… Bush’s “economic stimulus” only involved cutting checks to the corporations. Obama’s did that some, but focused more on road work projects and other such things with the intent of creating jobs. Of course, both of those suffered from Congressional pork barreling…


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