Asinine America



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    1. Tricknology says:


    2. Queensly says:

      Thats one hell of a mound

    3. Majestic12 says:

      Moose Knuckle… Camel Toe’s ugly sisterâ™ 

    4. sutenvulf says:

      i love how we correlate obesity with ignorance

    5. W says:

      Did the liberal who made this realize she’s wearing blue?

      • gx5000 says:

        Right c’ause Liberals and Conservatives MUST Colour Coordinate everything ! If you love your Country you wear Red right ??

        But you’re probably so politically polarized that you only see red anyways…

        • DMYTRIW WDS says:

          If you love your country you wear a flag, or flag looking clothing! Other wise you’re a spineless liberal who is addicted to abortions and thinks Trig Palin is Bristol’s son.

      • Comraduderrisch says:

        Apparently there’s an Imperial Stormtrooper Debate Academy too!

        Who knew?

    6. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Way to take the high road while boasting moral superiority, dumbshits.

      Coastal America matches obesity with middle America and middle America doesn’t vote how coastal America wants and therefore (according to coastal America) it should be destroyed.

      The real ignorance, stupidity, and driving force in making America look bad are the people living on the coast lines. They’re self important little faggots with low numbers in the actual military but everything to say about it. They don’t know fuck all about Canadian health care (which we DO fucking hate! Fox News or not you stupid fucks have no idea how massively flawed our system is) and worship on President Offirmative action without any even remote inclination that they’ve been tricked into doing so.

      I’ll take middle America over the losers I’ve met in California and NY any day.

      Anyway…way to make yourselves look like assholes again, left wing nutters. I hope your tinfoil hats didn’t fall off when you were typing.

      • Belbo says:

        Good God sir, you’re like the living embodiment of the cliche. Now all you’ve gotta do is flap your jowls and call them ‘intellectuals’.

      • The Matrix: Rebooted says:

        “I’ll take middle America over the losers I’ve met in California and NY any day.”
        Take it- please!

      • gx5000 says:

        How Boring, another troll….
        Look up the stats…Stats Can to be exact…
        We Canadians Love our health care system…
        But we also have the right to bitch about it…Hands off Palintards.
        The US Pharmas and Insurance Co’s want it shut down, yes I know…

        As far as Obama changing the way the rest of the World views the US ?
        Good farking luck…FauxNews wins.

        • TheLotusEater725 says:

          Touch My Dick is canadian.

          • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:


            But not permanently.

            Canada is a great country in many ways but the bad is quickly out running the good.

            Most of the people I know have only been here for a couple generations anyway. They’re moving to the states or back to Europe now. 11% on average of Ontario born people are leaving each year for good reasons.

            • onthebeach says:

              Your full of shit. 1 million Ontarians leaving each year? Our healthcare system if pretty good. Just in case: I always vote Conserative.

        • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:


          You mean the government owned, staffed, and run agency says everything is A Okay?

          What a surprise!

          We have the right to bitch about it but infortunately if we do some gayfuck like you will flap his facegina lips at us and cry like a bitch.

          In 2004 over 40% of Canadians rated the healthcare system with grades of C – F. We’re 10th in a list of 16 countries with health care systems.

          Turn off The Daily Show you jackass.

          In the real world you will wait 8 months for a MRI in Canada at least and by that time whatever could ahve been detected in the USA in about a day will have either killed you or done irreparable damage.

          But keep squaking about this phantom big business agenda. You are in fact the cliche. As are the other brain washed simpletons championing propaghanda like these pictures.

          Per the comment about calling someone an intellectual. You forgot the mandatory preface for all left wing nutcases: pseudo. You really want to be smart. But that takes effort. And you’re too busy complaining to learn anything.

          • Karatesaurus Rex says:

            So 60% gave it a B or better? Sounds like Canada likes it’s healthcare.

          • Comraduderrisch says:

            “In 2004 over 40% of Canadians rated the healthcare system with grades of C – F. We’re 10th in a list of 16 countries with health care systems.”

            I hate to be that guy, but without any kind of source it just looks like you’re making vague shit up.

            By the way, have you ever stopped to think that you’re the same as these “brainwashed simpletons” you rail against all the time, just on the opposite side of the spectrum? The Left-wing doesn’t have a monopoly on retards.

            Vomit smells just as bad as shit, the only difference is the side it comes out.

      • WistfulD says:

        I would like to point out that me and lots of middle America do not ascribe to what this pathetic little man is saying. Good, decent, loving and caring liberal live many places not on the coasts. We just have to put up with these people as neighbors.

        And yeah, way to be a walking cliche dude.

        • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

          No all you’ve pointed out is that close minded asshats also live in middle America and live to judge everyone and pat themselves on the back.

          Good, decent, and caring people live all around you but if they don’t vote like you you don’t respect them.

          And that’s why you’re a fucking moron.

          • WistfulD says:

            I don’t respect you because your a ad homonym orgasm of anger and curse words. There are many people who see the world differently than I do whom I respect profoundly. Your poisoned view of your opposition simply isn’t letting you see that. George will is a brilliant individual with witty and coherent columns every week in your favorite local newspaper. If you are looking for internet examples, Howard Tayler– creator of the lovingly hillarious webcomic Schlock Mercenary has much more faith than I do that military might rides high and above any other concerns. But I respect him both for his storytelling ability and the thought he puts into his political position, even if I disagree with said position.

            If you continue to think me close minded, then clearly no rational argument will change that, in which case I will thank you to come back soon, and have a good night, and proceed to ignore the bile you regurgitate at me.

            • WistfulD says:

              what I forgot to mention was my disagreement with George Will. He seems to believe that the free market will cure all ills. I see no reason to believe that. I think the true cure is a balance between market independence and government regulation.

      • Karatesaurus Rex says:

        You’re from Ontario aren’t you… When I went to London Ontario, the three people I met there were all cunts, and so are you, so you must be from Ontario.

        Gimme Albertans any day, all 7 of the Alberta folks I met up in Edmonton were teh awesome, which means obviously all of Alberta is made of win.

        • kaztheberserk says:

          Your problem is you were in London. We use London like the British used Australia, only instead of criminals, we send our cunts there.

        • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

          London is the number one destination for relocated Iraqis in Canada.

          Alberta is the most right wing province in Canada.

          If you were out to make points for me and yourself look like a retard you’ve won the race.

          btw: I’m from Toronto. Toronto where some people waited in line for over 24 hours in the cold to get their little swine flu shots. Canadian health care is garbage.

          • Karatesaurus Rex says:

            Actually, it’s called sarcasm Mr. Dick. If I was basing things on my personal opinions I would’ve made my judgements based on more than 10 people from two provinces in a gigantic country.

            On the Canadian health care issue, I had to wait 2 months to get my swine flu shot and I’ve got a 3 month old baby. Healthcare in general is garbage, privatized or socialized.

            Haven’t been to Toronto yet, sounds like we’re bound for Manitoba next to visit some friends. I’ll letcha know my opinion of Manitoba after I’ve met 4 or 5 people there.

            • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

              I don’t think you’re fully abreast of what sarcasm is.

              “You’re from Ontario aren’t you… When I went to London Ontario, the three people I met there were all cunts, and so are you, so you must be from Ontario.

              Gimme Albertans any day, all 7 of the Alberta folks I met up in Edmonton were teh awesome, which means obviously all of Alberta is made of win.”

              That’s just stupidity.

              You’re stupid and I pointed out why.

              Manitoba is the asshole of Canada. Its full of chugs and cold as shit. You’re sure to love Canada after visiting Manitoba. Feel free to fuck a Buffalo while you’re there.

              btw: you didn’t wait two months for your swine flu. The shots weren’t even being given 2 months ago so fuckoff with your bullshitting.

              Typical of people like you. Lie lie lie and then while trying to lie your way out of your lies you call the sensible people liars.

              I’d visit where you’re from and give you an opinion back since you’ve been so quick to give me yours but I really don’t car enough to bother. I’ll just assume as you did: you must be from Uranus.

            • Karatesaurus Rex says:

              Precious, absolutely precious. I’m from California by the way, just to cement your opinion of my state.

              Just so you know, they were giving flu vaccinations all the way back in July here in Cali, come October they started offering H1N1 in limited quantity down at the local hospital, just got mine a week ago. But you’re right, I’m a liar, a big fat left wing/right wing American liar.

              One thing though, your arguments might carry a bit of validity if you actually looked at the points being made instead of immediately saying “You said this, and it’s wrong!” Learn to argue, otherwise it’s just pedestrian trolling.

            • WistfulD says:

              “Healthcare in general is garbage, privatized or socialized.”

              The difference here in the U.S. is that 16% of our GDP is dedicated to health care. Expected to balloon to 20% by 2016! It is growing at just about twice the overall rate of inflation of our economy! For that kind of money, we should expect that we have the best health care in the world (as a number of people have falsely asserted in our health care debate). Fact is, we don’t. Every scientific measure of the quality of the health care received in America shows it near the bottom of industrialized nations.

              And yet, people are terrified–screaming at the top of their lungs–about the possibility that increasing regulation on the health care industry will by definition be “socialist”. It stems from a deep seated belief that any endeavor initiated by Government (a capital letter entity which has nothing to do with the citizens, ’cause they had no part in creating that scary entity) is inherently inefficient. Inefficient? 16, soon to be 20% of GDP for sub-par results?! I’m not seeing the private market giving us reasons to trust it more than the government.

            • Karatesaurus Rex says:

              I’m not arguing either end of it in this. I’ve lost so much faith in any govt as I’ve gotten older.

              It seems like it’s impossible to have views in the middle when it comes to humanity anymore. If you don’t believe in gun control you’re a conservative bigot. If you’re pro-choice you’re a liberal treehugger.

              What happened to the days when I could be an American, fuck that, what happened to the days when I could be an adult male in the 25-37 year old demographic with a dog and 2.5 children? When did I become some automoton that HAS to have views in these pigeonholes?

              Mostly I piped up because I like to poke angry people, especially when they come off with a holier than thou judgement about something that had been simply a source of amusement. It gives me something to do while the daughter sleeps…

      • nyoki says:

        I don’t think lotus is one of the “left wing nutters”. 😉

        Also: Glad your back. Everyone has been much too polite.

    7. JamesTuskGeorge says:

      Oh dear. What a terribly embarassing faux par. “Evolution is a lie” is four words, not three.



      I say! Ahah. Carry on, it seems to have been deliberate. How very droll.

    8. maxcw says:

      For the record that is not Camel toe or Moose nuckle. THAT can only be classified as Elephant Seal snout.

    9. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Man i can’t wait to post the response pictures to balance out this thread.

      • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

        I don’t think that content will be permitted. In the interest of fairness and free speech all opposing views must be silenced or the nazis win. 😛

        • TheLotusEater725 says:

          God forbid we question the status quo right? Don’t you just love how roles reverse. First we were unpatriotic if we questioned the president and the senate. Now we are racist uneducated rednecks if we question the senate and president. A LOT OF CHANGE THAT IS. Keep your goddamned change. i want fucking progress.

        • WistfulD says:

          I am continuously amazed at the persecution complex that the right wing of America has. People disagree with you, and are willing to say it, and possibly make a derisive comment about your intellect if you really think that way, and somehow you’re on the registry for discriminated against demographics? Give me a fucking break! Rough statistics!: half of America is liberal, half of it is conservative (in both cases approximations, and militant moderates will cringe at it either way)! Most people who are on one side think the people on the other side are seeing things wrongly. Some are nice about it. Some are not. Some, (I like to think I’m in that group) recognize that people in the opposition are taking the rational position of a long chain of rational decisions based on a set of moral values of which I disagree with in weight or interpretation. For instance, I have a friend who is a libertarian. I recognize that he values personal autonomy over everything else. I value personal responsibility and recognition that your actions have consequence to those around you over all. We disagree on most political issues, but respect each others’ choices. Others are not so polite. The right controls the radio air waves. Air America is a joke next to Rush and pals. The left controls the internets. Huffpost leaves the right wing sites in the dust. That does not make you a persecuted class. That means that your viewpoint is under-represented in the medium you are choosing. That makes you a groundbreaker, not a victim. Grow a spine and stop blaming the opposition for having more aspirants in the medium you choose.
          Wow. It’s like talking to a myopic teenager!

      • nyoki says:

        Fess up w/ the title when you post ’em. 🙂

    10. Karatesaurus Rex says:

      Lotus, posting these made this the best Christmas ever! God, it’s like a family reuinion in here.

    11. nyoki says:

      I wonder who she is and whether she’s aware of how her countenance, and not-so-girlish-figure, has been used.

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