when more that 95% use a pic, it’s not a fight…

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…It’s a massacre.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    By that same logic, a Toyota is better than a Ferrari.


    Straw man. No one is presenting the argument here that Mac or PC is better, simply that one is winning the marketplace. The logic you are making fun of is being ascribed by you, by your personal bias or defensiveness. Even then, the comparison isn’t apt. Toyota is more like Dell or Gateway, with the standardized motor components required in the U.S. being the operating system (in this case, Windows). The same standardization that reduces prices, and helps consumers. Ferrari would be a good comparison, except it’s such a small part of the market, and even then it’s a performance… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    But that’s all just how you choose your metric, right? I could make a similar picture that says “Apple stock has gone up by 649%; Microsoft has dropped by 48%. That’s not a fight, its a massacre”. That would be an equally true statement and it would be equally irrelevant about the *QUALITY* of either product.


    Well, the metric defines the argument. From a market standpoint, non-Mac PCs dominate, by a margin that’s ludicrous. (Macs are PCs, but it’s become a dichotomic colloquialism that I begrudgingly use). From a purely democratic, voting with your dollar, point of view, PCs are massacring Macs. 96.64% -vs- 3.36% Stocks are a whole ‘nother sport. In fact, I’d say it’s more like comparing football with quidditch. Microsoft’s stocks, for example, have been split 9 times since their inception. This means the initial value of one share is around 9.7 cents. Given that it’s now trading ~$30, that’s 29,000% on the… Read more »


    On top of that, stocks don’t say shit about the actual product, they say shit about the company who sells the product. Apple’s stocks have gone up not so much because they’re PCs are doing well, but because their other devices have done extremely well. They’re also good at marketing, and pulling in the young folks. I think part of this is because they’re kind of using their iPods and iPhones as a ‘gateway drug.’ You like these devices, so why not an Apple computer, too? Microsoft OS phones aren’t super popular with the average phone user (except business users),… Read more »


    and id argue that a lot of people are picking up mac’s b/c they’re fucking morons with their window’s…oh and its a socially popular to have a mac these days but wtf do i know im here for the lols


    3.36% market share worldwide.

    7.49% market share United States.

    91% market share of $1,000+ PCs sold in the United States.

    Apple – More proof Americans will spends thousands more to have less features in a prettier package.

    See also: Abercrombie & Fitch


    *facepalm* lol this crap is never gonna end


    Well what makes a Mac so much better?


    Warranty work. I took my year and a half old macbook in and said “the speakers don’t output (cause the digital out was stuck on), the top case has a crack (which is a known issue) and it won’t successfully burn a DL dvd”. They said ok and replaced the motherboard, optical drive, top case and optical cable. All this in about a week and at no charge and no bs tech support call to “bob” in india.

    And before the flames go to high, I’m the sysadmin for my company (100% PC).

    Luke Magnifico

    None of these things has happened to my 4 year old Dell.


    And no ones busted the subby’s chops for the shitty typing?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Fags use Macs. Truth. If you know a gayfag ask him what computer he looks up his dick pics on. He’s creative and progressive and non-mainstream so he uses a Mac. Macs have been successful because they took advantage of vulnerable people’s fragile egos. The types who have never won at anything in their lives so they reject the majority rule inherently. That type got lied to and the same laziness that kept them from success keeps them coming back to Apple for Macs and Iphones because they can’t be bothered to do their homework and see they’re paying more… Read more »


    You guys are all fucking idiots.


    The only people who really get frantic over the Mac vs. PC vs. Linux debate, or the PS3 vs. Xbox vs. Wii one, for that matter, are the people who can’t afford all 3.


    Lol, okay then… I’ve used and hated PCs all my life, built several. At the start of this year, I bought a Macbook Pro, and and right now, I don’t think I’ll ever have a Windoze box as my main computer ever again. I suppose that means I’m brainwashed and gay… The thing with you guys is, you say Mac users are brainwashed… but then when it’s out of the context of an argument, you go back to hating Windoze like the rest of humanity. Mac users change because they’re sick of Windows… Windows “enthusiasts” just continue hating Windows just… Read more »


    stfu and suck my cock fag


    I grew up using macs, and now I use a pc. I never had any big problems on one that couldn’t really happen on the other. Both are fine. i just don’t understand this zealous hate for either of them on either side.


    It’s ungenerous to say that Mac users are fags. There are Linux users, too.


    Just to add fuel…
    I built a gaming PC for under $500. Couldn’t get a mac to play games on for that amount.


    The picture is very funny, and it’s true. The truth is the truth and it’s absolute. The problem is the people that take it too seriously, on BOTH sides. I know stereotypes will probably always exist, unless humanity does survive for many many years and the theory than in the future everyone will look alike comes true. When it comes to stupid people, you’re gonna find them no matter where you look, but the product or operational system you use doesn’t cause it, it’s a personality trait.


    Derp is a personality trait as well. Yes, derp.