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two sticks

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    “Chopsticks were developed about 5,000 years ago in China. It is likely that people cooked their food in large pots which held heat for a long time, and hasty eaters then broke twigs off trees to retrieve the food. By 400 B.C., because of a large population and dwindling resources, food was chopped into small pieces so it could be cooked rapidly to conserve fuel. The pieces of food were small enough that they negated the need for knives at the dinner table, and thus, chopsticks became staple utensils. It is also thought that Confucius, a vegetarian, advised people not… Read more »


    Nice, I didn’t know that. I eat with chopsticks because it’s fun and because I get made fun of for being a slow eater so that way I have an excuse.


    I eat with chopsticks because it’s fun and I have gotten very good with them. Chinese and Japanese food are my favorites, especially Sushi/ Sashimi/ Chow Mein/ Won Ton Soup/ Beef Teriyaki . dieA I eat slow also, always the last one to finish eating. I tend to take my time and enjoy what I am eating. I could eat Sushi everyday.


    Sounds good though I haven’t tried any of those. I eat a lot of Chinese dishes because I grew up with my best friend who is Chinese and they have a restaurant. This used to be somewhat of a problem, in kindergarten they would let us go outside to play only after we finished our entire meal so I would be the only kid left, sitting there, chewing like I was going to die and by the time they let me go outside we already had to go home. Man I hated that.


    That definitely sounds like hell. Especially considering Chinese portions tend to be pretty big.


    Haha no no, my kindergarten was a normal Austrian one, well if you can consider that normal. My friend’s restaurant didn’t make me eat any food I didn’t want to, you misunderstood something there.


    haha I mixed up the two things you were telling me into one thing. Ah dyslexia.

    fracked again

    Portion size is big because we are gluttons.


    Man, I loves me my sushi. Except sashimi, that shit makes me gag. The fish stuff, anyway. Beef sashimi is tasty delicious. And gyoza. I could eat an entire meal of that stuff. Chopsticks just make sense for the rolls though. You ever try eating one of those with a fork? You get the bits you skewer, and everything else winds up in your lap. Spoons don’t fare much better, either. The house rolls in the sushi place near my house are friggin huge, and trying to stuff one of those into my mouth with a spoon would be painful,… Read more »


    So worth the risk. Sashimi is an acquired taste. I could eat sushi everyday.


    i have a hard time believing that 5000 years ago people were using sticks and twigs to eat


    Are you kidding me? Up until the renaissance people ate with their HANDS. Forks and knives are fucking recent.


    Actually me eating faster with the chopsticks. Chopsticks skills, I’ve got them, you know >:3


    I eat with spoons and forks because they are efficient and don’t require discipline.


    “spoons and forks […] don’t require discipline” – You must be American.


    If I were, I would have said sporks.


    Oh yeah, fuck you! If you had some god damn discipline you wouldn’t be on a random picture site, you cock sucking European fart smelling dumb ass!

    Look! No commas mummy! Or two… but more are needed.


    gods, morals, religion, political affiliations, Secularists celebrating christmas, and chopsticks, all things that have been heavily approved upon and overcome but people refuse to give them up over some sense of cultural responsibility. I’ll just sit in front of a large piece of meat and use a knife and fork thanks.


    hands ftw! screw civilization.


    The rice is pretty sticky, too.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Haven’t any of you seen an asian person use chopsticks? They can just shovel that rice. I used to share an office with a Chinese post-doc and it was disgusting to see how fast he would eat. He’d also make lougie snorting noise when he ate noodles, but that’s slightly unrelated.


    White asian rice is typically cooked in a pressure cooker or steamed with water so it comes out sticky, and it’s easy to pick up with chopsticks much like a dumpling or pot sticker would be. I’ve seen Asians just shovel that shit into their faces, quicker than I could eat spaghetti with a fork. However chopsticks aren’t the only utensil they use, usually in restaurants in Japan or Korea you’re given a small plastic or ceramic spoon/ladle for soups, stews or messy dishes. But most of the time asian cuisine is cooked with chopstick-use in mind.


    Because clearly your basis for comparison is based on rice that has been prepare incorrectly…..

    In other words….

    Your fucking doing it wrong!!!!


    i sometimes use sticks cause i’ve heard its healthy to eat slow.


    I’m surprised. An entire conversation and not one racist joke. I’m proud of you MCS.