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    I fully believe this.


    don;t you kiss me with an ashtray mouth


    This is true and there’s nothing your mother can tell me to make me change my mind.


    as a non smoker, i approve of this message


    I’m a non smoker also and I think it can be logically explained. Two words, body language. It’s rather simple actually, if you could do the same gestures and poses a smoker does without the cigarette, it should have the same effect. Or you could just hold a pen instead, but sooner or later someone will ask you to put that pen down.


    she’s right. i’d be like, put that fucking pen down


    That’s the best – to annoy non-smokers with pens and stuff. Poke him once or twice and his coolnes is no more. >:3


    Aheem… I mean smokers. >.<


    Not true.

    I don’t know any smoker who died younger.


    Bet, you don’t know any cancer-ward health-care workers either.

    As I am sitting here … I am in a cancer ward with 8 smoking related patients. 5 of those are 24-years and under. 3 of those with no lung cancer history in their family.

    You should see how really cool these poor wasted blokes look right now. Yeah, really cool puking your guts out every 2 hours and sh*tting in your pants every 3 hours. Really coooool.


    but getting cancer IS cool. People talk about how noble and brave you are when you have cancer. And when you are a smoker who has cancer you can completely eschew personal responsibility and blame it on big tobacco therefore becoming a brave voice speaking out against the evil big tobacco corporations.


    Big Tobacco can go fuck themselves. There I said it.

    tiki god

    Meh. I worked for some radiation oncologist for a year or so, and yeah, we had tragic cases of 70 year old dudes with lung cancer, but we had just as many cases of young women with malignant brain cancer.

    if you enjoy it, by all means, enjoy yourself before you die.


    OK, I was going to write some witty answer, with all the stats and so on. But after quick googling, I’ve found this:

    Oh wow.


    Smokers die young. Mean old lady smokers never die.


    Hey! That is my grandma you are talking about asshole!

    fracked again

    Was around a smoker this weekend. What a lovely rattling cough she had. Excuse me, I must vomit over the memory.


    I blame nicolas wolfwood for my smoking addiction (and he’s not even a real person..)

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