Hot Live Dog

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    where can I haz sum?!


    shoulda applied mustard and ketchup for massive win


    Tastes like chicken!


    This post makes me hungry.


    that seriously looks delicious… in a moist, chewy, but not TOO chewy kind of way. I just fear the bones would get in the way, but being that young, I’m sure my manly mandibles can crunch right through them. But, I find the like of condiments…disturbing. I also hate that the bread is all cracked from being handled to roughly. Food should be made with tender love and care. Especially when the ingredients call for ‘live puppy’.


    I always feel awkward when I’m talking to people who have a grown dachshund, like I want to pet it but he doesn’t seem to be interested like other dogs. Then I’m afraid if I don’t at least attempt to pet him the owner will think I have a problem with his dog but I can’t decide if it’s worth it to get rejected by a dog just so that the owner is satisfied.


    sit down in front of the dog and frown.


    Haha not only is that funny but it sounds like the perfect tactic.

    tiki god

    I don’t think that’s a dachshund.

    I have a good friend that has a 10 year old one, and his name is Max.

    He is very awesome and I like when he comes over to my house to play with my doggies. I pet him and he jumps on my lap and tries to kiss me, but I play hard to get and don’t let him.

    I’m such a doggie tease 🙂


    Looks underdone to me.

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