chatrrom is go

Some kind soul sold me some beer so I’m going to spend the night in the chatroom talking all about my beer and my new house.

Please come join us and take part in the festivities.

Also, two sites that are a part of the Tiki Web Group are just blowin up today, so I figured I’d pimp them out a little more here on MCS.  Tiki Humor has a new Favicon and had 10x the extra traffic today ( no relation, but I worked on that stupid favicon for 30 minutes), and Tiki Tumble is going gangbuster lately too(over a thousand pageviews, woot!   that’s what mcs does in about an hour btw).   That’s where I dump all the images I find with no explanation or relation to each other.   Also, it’s got no time limit on image posts, so if you feel that MCS is too…limited in that I currently filter out all the penis pictures that Casemods submits, then feel free to go over there and be as retarded as you want.

Also, there’s a new feature in the MCS forums.

Did you even KNOW that MCS had forums?

Did you even KNOW that you all helped me buy a house?

So come join me and Kero in the MCS chatroom and tell me how much you love me.

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