A New House!

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I may have mentioned it before, but I wanted to dedicate a post to thanking those of you that donated towards the house (and are now MCS+ members!)

The picture above are of the very blue house that I was able to purchase with your help, thank you very much!

Sadly though, now I’m too broke to purchase liquor for the next couple weeks. Life is so boring while sober guys. Seriously.

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    Hang out around the bars and get girls to buy you drinks with your suave self.


    that’s a bitchin yard for a kegger

    i hope you got out in a wooded area somewhere so you can have some privacy!

    i d’awwww’d at the white picket fence


    While you’re bored, GIMME MAH PLUS DOOD!


    I think it looks beautiful, very American. I wish I could have contributed as well but like I mentioned before I can’t use PayPal because of my location.

    I’ll come visit as soon as possible though. We could get drunk in that garden and lie in the grass until it’s night to look at twice as many stars as everyone else. Then I would tell you about my favourite Goethe quote and you would poke me in the cheek.

    Also give colonel his plus dude.

    tiki god

    gah, I did update colonel-yum-yum, but then the db crashed and the back up was 2 days old.



    Very nice tiki. It’s a good feeling isn’t it?


    Yay. I helped. 😀


    You need to get a black fridge. Three of my four kitchen appliances are stainless steel. I just have to find out where I can buy a stainless steel oven door. I don’t really want (or need) to buy a whole new oven.


    I fell so proud, I’d just like to thank God (Tiki), Nyokki for her unflinching support, and anyone who has ever hated casemods.


    Hey what about me, I contributed to the + pressure, I’m sure otherwise you would have never gotten it.

    Also what about the alcohol, and watching twice as many stars as everyone else. I actually made that up myself and think it’s pretty clever. If I were someone else I would be totally impressed by it.


    How could I forget dieA??!??!?
    I am disgusted by myself. Can I ever be forgiven?


    You are forgiven. But only because you’re Irish.


    Ha! no one can stay mad at gingers. This is how we will slowly take over the world.



    Make your own booze/beer. And if you’re too poor for that… um, jenkem?


    Does this mean that the site is going to work perfectly flawlessly for the next couple of weeks as you save up to buy more alcomohol?

    Billy Manic

    I am still seriously wondering how I attained my MCS+ status. Must be all the awesome in me.




    Nice house! Definitely needs some work though.


    Flat top range for the WIN!!

    fracked again



    what a shit hole


    how much does a house like that cost? Housing in the uk is sooo expensive, i wish i could get one of these. I bet they are piss cheap.


    Congrats, tiki ^^.