subway cheese instructions

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    you should tri-force with the cheese

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    Kik Dogg

    Subway sucks. Their ingredients have all been through the food-deflavorizer. How do you even REMOVE flavor from salami?

    Their veggies all taste like preservatives.


    it all makes senses now.


    bah, subways < quiznos, et al.

    The only problem is that they are everywhere, and the nearest quiznos is far away. There is seriously 2 subways within 1000 yards of each other where I live.


    It’s like this at any business. Any way to make money – no matter how small.

    Fuck the customers.


    I wont go into why I know this but lets just say if you live in the midwest or western region of the US and enjoy subway stay away from the turkey roast beef and ham. It was . . . altered after Oct. 1st this year.

    Kik Dogg

    @ rundinj

    Do tell more…..




    Wait…Subway doesn’t put whole (square) pieces of (I assume) american cheese on their subs? I’m glad I’ve never eaten there. Is there even a cheese that is cheaper than american?


    I never understood the desire to pay $5 for something I can make myself for $2… if, y’know, I wanted to make an incredibly crap sandwich. Put that $5 towards some good ingredients, and have yourself a real sandwich.

    Kik Dogg

    @Paul I Drunk

    But..but.. I can’t make a sandwich every half mile!!!!


    I always knew the cheese was a scam…finally, proof.


    This is why i buy from my local deli. i support local businesses AND i get 20x the quality of food.


    Jimmy Johns > Quiznos > Subway. Jimmy Johns never skimps on the ingredients, at least not the ones I’ve been to where I live. On the one occasion they forgot my extra cheese, they gave me coupons for two free sandwiches, so I feel they more than made up for it.


    Jersey Mike’s makes a mean motherfucking sub sammich


    Subway is shit.
    I don’t get the fascination with Jimmy Johns, just not impressed, also shit.
    Quiznos makes some fine toasty samiches, and don’t forget the soup is good too.


    Jerry’s subs aren’t bad. They do make a tasty philly cheese steak when I’m in the mood. Mostly I make my own subs. Never had Quizno’s, but their commercials are funny.