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    only if you are a black woman


    If your a nigger! HAHAHHAHAAHHAAH

    That’s exactly what I said out loud.

    If only I could find audacity.


    Who is the real you? A leader of some tribe in Africa? Or perhaps you are irrevocably a product of the white western society you grew up in?


    Wearing that shirt? yes.


    this is bullshit
    in many cases the ‘real’ side of a person is unacceptable
    gays should keep their personal choice hidden from public, whiteboys should keep acting white and not pretend to act black, etc


    Kom: Well said.

    I respect gays, but they don’t need to be flaunting it obviously.

    Caucasians should be proud they are clean and pure – not try to act like degenerate pukes.

    I used to be a wigger – a bad one. I had no idea what I was doing in life – the only reason you should listen to rap.

    Now that I have grown up, I dress normal. Normal blue jeans, t-shirts, long-ish hair that you can comb and actually wash.

    I hate to be racist, because I’m not a racist person, but when you think as deep as I do, you realize that when other nationalities come into this country, they feel as if they own it because Caucasians are so nice – something they didn’t have in their country.

    Not only do they bring poverty and low-standards of living over here, they also bring the economy down by buying things, mainly cars, from their country – severely impacting the local economy.

    Something needs to be done. We need to stop importing – or charge a 50% tax on anything imported. Maybe more.

    I can go on forever.

    Welfare used to be setup tons of years ago for fellow white’s – not dirty disgusting diseased feces colored sub-humans.


    Casemods just called himself a deep thinker


    Also, they send money over there to families – creating FREE money for their economy and drastically decreasing ours.


    Hmm.This is in English,but the address in in Holland.Who the Hell were they directing this towards?


    “Who is the real you? A leader of some tribe in Africa? Or perhaps you are irrevocably a product of the white western society you grew up in?”

    That’s really not what the picture is trying to imply. Most every person has inevitably some culture attached to their lives that has to do with their ancestors, regardless of their place of birth.


    I’ll go ahead and reply to Konrad as well even though we all know that he stops replying as soon as he runs out of insults.

    “gays should keep their personal choice hidden from public”

    It has been proven that Homosexuals do not make the personal choice to be gay but are born that way.
    Genetic studies have been done that support this claim, then of course, you have no interest in science do you. So on what exactly do you base those statements of yours? Maybe it’s people from 200 years ago that you have nothing in common with which makes you a hypocrite.
    The answer however isn’t all that hard. You have been taught to believe in those things that you have no rational evidence to support with, someone put those ideas in your head and there’s nothing original, progressive or productive about it when you repeat them.

    Though I do hope you enjoy all the other scientific advances that make your life easier, while selectively disregarding discoveries that could, Jesus no, change your perception about people who are just as human as you.



    Casemods, you behave the same way you used to, you just have a different style. All wannabe thugs take the male version of the Myspace pic with the best brand of clothing for that look, approximately 200 dollars in cash, and a few other status symbols for their style, be it a gun or a bunch of ugly jewelery.
    You do the same thing, just in a different market category. You post pictures of yourself in clothes and accessories you think are cool, along with pictures of, for some reason, wall posters.
    You may think this is a completely different behavior, but you’re still trying to gain recognition, or at least attention, for yourself by showing everyone pictures of things that have nothing to do with who you are.
    The funny thing is, the very fact you post those pictures says more about you than the content of all of them put together.
    So, the next time you think of yourself as deep, or enlightened, remember that all of your posturing boils down to a monkey’s ass: Warning competition away and trying to get laid by being the most obnoxious.


    gays may be born that way, but their pathetic pride in what they are should be kept private i.e. feminine behaviour, womens clothes, attitudes, etc, should be kept out of public
    Just like wiggers – they can keep their corrupt ideals at home – i swaer any time a wigger walks up to me and says ‘whats up my niggah’ i feel like knocking a few teeth out of them

    for the record, low-rider pants is a prison theme for the cell block bitch who wears pants low for easy access – any time you see someone wearing pants like this, tell them the truth



    You mean stereotypes? Fine but then also tell those little Nazi boys that they should stop shaving their heads and not all dress the same way any more.
    It’s only specific groups that you have a problem with and it’s clearly a personal issue of yours.

    Who taught you how to dress, talk, walk and act? Wasn’t it someone else who had those ideas before you, and just because you happen to have been born and raised in a place where the people around you taught you that that’s how you should be, how does that make your lifestyle any more right than anyone else’s. How is it any more natural or true.
    You could have been born in a place where all people are gangsters, and your only close friends and relatives would expect of you to be a gangster also. You would make fun of people who aren’t gangsters because well, that’s the only way to be.

    I’m sorry there is just no logic behind your fascist ideals.
    You take pride in things you had no business accomplishing, things you were born into.


    Thank you dieAntagonista. I’m with you on this one


    as i read dieA’s post, angelina is lookin at me witha sly look in her eye.

    i really think she wants me



    I never try to get the posters in the shot. They just happen to make it in.

    There is a big difference between gangsters and me.

    I’m White and I dress, act, talk and think White.

    That’s a big difference between what gangsters believe in.

    Do I need to explain it? Really? I post pictures to piss everyone off. Talking bad about someone is a sign of jealousy. They think making fun of my pictures like 13 year olds will lower my self esteem and make me “go away”, so I post more pictures to piss everyone off.


    No one is trying to lower your self esteem. You keep mistaking our motives for yours. It’s what you would do, so you think it’s what everyone would do. You’re wrong. We don’t care about your self esteem.


    I respect heteros, but they don’t need to be flaunting it obviously


    How about we all just decide on a nice neat defined stereotype we want to fit into and then make sure we never stray from that mode or show any kind of creativity or individuality at all, hmm?

    When we all stop caring about where someone’s great grandmother came from, or what random assortment of genes they happened to inherit, or which socioeconomic class they born into – then the world will be a better place; also hell will feature igloos.


    Casemods, I’m going to assume you were being serious with those statements and give you my 2 cents, which currently is about 1.87 US cents:

    saying you’re not a racist person and speaking racism only means you’re in denial. Even saying that Caucasians are nice is racist! Racism doesn’t have to be negative. It simply has to be an unfounded generalization elevating one class above another.

    Have you ever thought that maybe “they” think they “own” your country because you preach a foundation of “liberty and justice for all” – for all? I think that makes you a liar now, don’t it?

    And yes, as a foreigner, I will most definitely bring my low standards of living to America, alongside my PhD in Reproductive Physiology. Be sure to degrade me while I save the lives of hundreds of your premature “clean and pure” American brothers and sisters. Also when will you be returning your playstation to Japan? The Italians called. They want a 50% tax on pizza purchases.

    Oh, and all foreign countries will be terminating all trade agreements with America from 0800 tomorrow. You can say goodbye to 66% of your crude oil supply so I’d suggest taking 66% of cars off the road – oh wait; passenger vehicles are the US’s second top import. Probably won’t be an issue then. Carry on…

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