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Whatever, both sux.


I’m not sure how long I will be running XP.

Maybe until linux has good game support


Doesn’t matter how much more stable it is ( claims to be ). If there’s hardly any decent software for it and getting Windows programs ( Which are far more common and higher quality ) to run decently on it is a pain in the ass, I’ll stick with Windows.

Besides… Vista for a year and a half now, not a single crash that wasn’t related to -hardware- failure. ( Video card fried, not Windows’ fault )


I Got Windows 7 and its great.


I believe the point is, both are “pretty” compared to XP. But Ubuntu happens to be far more functional. Vista sucks a lot compared to Windows 7. Ubuntu simply works… on just about any machine. And if you can’t find Ubuntu software, you must be blind or can’t figure out Apt. Besides, people have figured out how to run just about anything in Wine.


I take it Yoda wrote it?

Or should that be

Take it I did, Yoda wrote.


I have Vista on my laptop and have had no major problems. The only two I’ve come across is no proper driver for my laser printer (I can’t get it to print in landscape mode)and ALT codes not working (I have to use windows character maps).
I have Windows 7 on the netbook (replaced XP) and like it a lot.


What spec netbook you running it on? Just bought one myself and was thinking of stickingt 7 on it.


Windows 7 is Da Bomb diggity. Best OS M$ has written since W2K…
Ubuntu is actually pretty good too. Just a pain to have to set up and run things in Wine…