I Heart Steak

tastymeat.jpg (137 KB)

Especially when the steak has a heart on it. MmMmMm… tasty ribeye. (I may be a girl, but I love red meat.)

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    Luke Magnifico

    I love to give girls my meat.


    yummy. steak is the staple of my diet


    i wonder why meat is so damn tasty


    Our early human ancestors primarily got meat through savaging, thus making it a relatively rare commodity. Furthermore the unique combination of fats, proteins etc were exceptionally necessary to the human diet, thus it became instinctual that it was “delicious” in order to motivate early man to get more of it.

    That, or because it is the perfect gift from God.


    I.E. We evolved to love meat because it is a great source of things that humans needs to survive, and those who didn’t tended to high dive into the really shallow end of the gene pool…

    Yes… I heart steak too…

    fracked again

    You know what is really good? Sautéed beef heart. om nom nom nom


    All i can say is nomnomnomnomnom


    I miss really good steak. Even Angus doesn’t have the flavor I remember as a kid. It seems like I have to add stuff to steak now before I cook it. Actually, I prefer lamb. If hubby makes a steak, he puts a lamb chop on for me (w/ butter and lemon, yummmmmmm)


    Smother that bitch in tobassco