Sexual favor fail

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    I could probably give Caroline some extra credit. And by credit I mean sperm. And by sperm I mean a fake grade on a paper.


    okay, okay, so the comment then is “I could probably give Caroline some fake grade on a paper.”

    Cool. Good on you. I’d rather fuck her.


    From college humor.

    tiki god

    no no, if it were from CH there would be a HUGE ASS watermark on it.


    I don’t know who’s fail this is?
    her’s for not taking the hint or his for not taking the offer.


    I was thinking the same thing. But I concluded she must be ugly, or he must like his job enough to not lose it for some fattie.


    Or he likes boyz


    @colonel: can’t tell without photo.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    We can thus conclude that Caroline is a fattie.


    So instead of having sex with her, we smoke her?


    No no – fat girls do well in school (what else are they going to do? It’s not like they get invited to parties). Caroline’s probably too busy getting pipe laid in her to bother with paying attention to school and breezes by on her looks.


    Either that or the TA is already fucking an uber-hot sorority sister and doesn’t want to fuck that up over some stupid slut.



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    As a TA, I’ve gotten similar offers.
    It’s not hard to get laid when your in college, so its not worth the risk of losing your job, losing your girlfriend, being charged with sexual harassment or rape or being blackmailed. Like most porno plots, its pretty stupid if you think about it for more than a few seconds.


    Professional and human integrity win right here.


    The guy obviously has a hotter student he’s fucking…one that probably doesn’t suspiciously email him about their arrangement. I’m willing to bet he got caught like this before and is just being careful.


    Maybe he’s gay.


    Todd is a smart man


    I’m actually surprised that there are actually girls out there to try to pull this move. It’s like.. being stabbed in the shower.


    Guy is a dumbass! I would have fucked her and told her, it wasn’t that good, sorry, can’t give you any extra credit – that way he won’t get in trouble.


    Actually, it doesn’t matter if he changed her grade or not. Having sex with your students will get you in trouble period. There have been plenty of TA’s and teachers fired for having sex with their students even if it wasn’t for a better grade. It’s a trust issue.

    fracked again

    Before forwarding this to my dept head (heh heh, head), I would have suggested that there was one thing she could do for me that would probably improve her grade.