Too stupid to understand science?


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    Incoming shitstorm….


    Calling people who don’t agree with you “stupid”…
    Sure is Kindergarten up in here.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Think science is more complicated than religion (all religions)? Try pulling your head out of your ass and growing the fuck up.


    Any moron can make up a religion. It’s really not that complicated.


    I can agree with this.

    But religion is infinitely more complicated.

    Its more like “Too ignorant for religion? Try science! Its logical”

    Thats my main problem with science, it relies on logic – but the world isn’t logic.

    Think you understand religion? Well I just made up a new one. So now you don’t. Ha.


    What do you mean by “the world isn’t logic”? Most well-understood science is really very logical.


    Understood science = logic.

    World = chaotic

    So logic is 1+1=2

    Problem is there is no such thing as ‘1’ – its an abstract idea we have produced from our imagination. Like 0 is a logical value – but it doesn’t exist – both figurativly and literally. Logic is a framework we try to apply to nature – a framework which is the only quantifiable way of understanding things – and a framework which is unsuitable for this task.


    [How come I can’t reply to anadin directly?]

    Much of what you say is true, but I disagree with the conclusion that logic is an inappropriate framework with which to interpret the world. It depends at which level of abstraction you choose to study it. If it wasn’t the case that, for example, speed=distance/time or potential difference=current*resistance, we would never have the ability to achieve the incredibly precise engineering that we use every day. The fact is that there IS huge amounts of logic behind the way the world works, and just because we don’t fully understand everything (such as quantum mechanics, or the origins of matter) it doesn’t mean that logic has no real use. Formal mathematics and logic are an excellent framework to use in the majority of science.


    [There are limited posts – but by replying to previous comments it still looks like you are replying to me]

    I agree that logic and math is the best framework we have. But they cause problems representing nature, because they are human creations – abstract ideas we have dreamed up. One big problem is we are illogical ourselves. Some people have no grasp at all of real logic. Maybe logic will evolve to include the chaos of nature? Or maybe we’ll come up with a new framework? Im just saying we dont have all the facts yet.


    I thought that it was an ignorance to science that caused religion? not the other way around.


    What do you mean by “complicated”?


    Like our relationship


    This is one of the most ignorant comments I’ve read on the internets. We’re talking Top Five quality.


    Yes do I win at internets?

    Seriously though I don’t think you inderstand the word ignorant.

    I dont feel the need to justify myself normally, but just for you – try to argue these points:

    There is an infinite number of religions, therefore it is infinitely more complicated than science. As soon as you document all religions Ill just make up a new one. Science is logic. You cant make it up.

    Which part of the world is logic? Go on just name one part of nature that conforms and Ill take it all back and put on the dunce cap.


    Anadin: You’re really using the numbers of religions as an argument that religion is more complex than science?

    I’m going to give you a moment to think about that.


    Yes. What is the problem here?


    You can examine the claims of religions with science, you can explore the religious story through history. So basically that’s my “your claim, +1” argument for why you’re wrong.

    That’s not even counting all the things in the (very expansive) universe that you can explore through science.

    Also, I don’t think saying “all these hypothetical religions that don’t exist should count towards my end of the argument”. That’s like me saying “there could be an infinite amount of universes that science could potentially explore”. I wouldn’t feel honest doing that.


    Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
    -James 1:27

    I personally think that is pretty bad ass. I don’t care if you don’t agree.


    You know what else counts as pure and genuine religion?

    Genital mutilation and human sacrifice.

    Who needs the world when religion can corrupt you?


    Your idea of religion is seriously fucked up.

    You are just morbid man.


    His idea of religion isn’t fucked up – he picked extreme examples, but real examples nonetheless. Some less extreme, more common examples could include homophobia and misogyny.


    There is nothing wrong with misogyny 😀

    Genital mutilation is not a religion. It is a tradition of some religions, but you cannot call gential mutilation and human sacrifice a religion. Unless you make up a religion which is just genital mutilation and human sacrifice – in which case its ok – actually, i’ll do just that. We’ll call it casemodism.

    I take it all back.


    Tell me why Islam, Christianity and Judaism are called “Abrahamic religions”.

    It’s not even an extreme example, it’s fundamental.


    One needs religion to be corrupted? I guess that whole anti-religion Marx-Lenin anti-religion version of communism which ended-up killing 20 million plus people was the exception that proves the rule.


    One doesn’t need religion to corrupt you; I said it can corrupt you.

    Speaking of communism, what do you think had the biggest influence on the killing, the anti-religion, the communism, or the dictatorship?


    Probably the dictatorship treating communism like a religion; the only religion that should be observed.


    Dallasalice, look up the definition of a strawman argument. Then turn off your computer and stay off the internet. You’ll embarrass yourself less.


    That fucking rocks.

    My new favourite Bible passage.


    or politics, lol!


    Science is nice and all, but get back to me when it promotes groups of little kids being mauled by bears. (2 Kings 2:24)


    Posting stuff like this doesn’t differ much from butthurt Jehova’s witnesses.


    What the fuck is wrong with mormons? Seriously, have you read some of the shit they come up with?


    They’re more gullible than ordinary Christians, even.


    I read that they believe the mark of cain – is dark skin.

    Ever met a black mormon?

    Thought not.


    Not only that. It was taught that becoming a Mormon would make your skin white (if it was not so already).


    That is fuuuuucked up


    Trolling the faithful – never gets old, does it?


    Like fish in a barrell.

    Merlin Dobaryan

    Here is the design of this t shirt. They are selling for last 2 years.


    “yeah yeah science, but religion wins because [insert bullshit cliche and lack of educatino on topic at hand here]”

    broad, grossly inaccurate generalizations prove magic is real and things like math are the work of evil.



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