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NYC 2009 Summer 136a

Spent a few days back home over the summer, went to MoMA and saw this guy in one of the subway stations.
I thought of this pic when I saw this post.

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    Jesus Christ

    I inspire. :3


    I’m gonna believe on you.


    holy schnitzels – does this rent out a storefront? looks like carrying those boxes in and out of the subway to set up would take a few hours.

    but if you believe, you’re willing to do a lotta crazy shit, i guess.


    You would be amazed how many of us don’t do crazy shit.

    tiki god

    you’re crazy, but you don’t do crazy shit?

    what makes you crazy then?


    i believe in intangible things?


    that’s so funny i see this guy every time i come from work.. hes always on the last stop on the 7 line in Manhattan

    I dunno. This guy seems marginally less crazy, since some of his signs are actual bible verses, and the ones that aren’t make sense. The other one was just balls out nuts. >_<