No. I don’t design logos.

No. I Don't Design Logos..jpg (201 KB)

I pull them out of my ass.
'No. I Don't Design Logos.' Type Poster in Helvetica

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    Try designing them and maybe they won’t come out so shitty.


    Helvetica’s too overused, IMO. Get some Futura or Gill Sans up in that bitch, and then we’ll talk.


    I once watched a documentary on Helvetica. Not sure what that says about me.


    It means I am forced to include you in my book of awesome. Oh wait I already wrote your name down twice.


    If you have to explain sarcasm and wit, you fail. Continue to amuse the children with your creative intellect. For what it is worth; balloon animals will get you the same response.


    I am quite certain that they were being sarcastic about their explanation of sarcasm and wit so take a seat and a deep breath and everything is going to be all right.