Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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    I would have to agree, look how close the NDP got to being the leading party.


    lol who gives a fuck about Canada




    Nonsense. Why would they care?

    You should care. We know how to vote properly and you have the worst president ever in “power”. Butthurt homos have to shut the fuck up now. Conservative majority you welfare getting, bottom of the barrel motherfuckers. Goodbye socialist leanings for good and hello return to common sense and responsible government. Never underestimate the resolve of intelligent people if prompted by the blinding stupidity of a very small and overly vocal minority of losers to vote their bullshit right the fuck out. There might as well not even be a Liberal party any more and the NDP have been a… Read more »


    You, sir, are a senseless idiot. I’d love to see how your attitude would change if suddenly you were part of an oppressed minority.


    lol typical whiny butt hurt Canadian, The Liberal Party is the best because it exemplifies the stupidity of Canadians


    Don’t piss him off, he’ll call a Mountie. LOL


    Wow, that’s a lot of ignorance straight up in the morning.
    If you’re Canadian you know why the election finished the way it did. Iggy and Layton were worst than the evil we knew, end of story. There wasn’t a leader among them, but we still had to vote.
    I’ll leave you all now to troll your IQ’s around.


    “Soon the whole country will be united under this same banner.”

    You must be on drugs, or under forty and have no clue.


    people talk about politics like they know a thing or two
    if you get your info from the paper or the news youre a fucking idiot

    dont talk about shit like you shit unless your name has has the letters PhD behind it, untill then youre a butthurt conservative/liberal mindless moron


    Don’t follow up shit and fucking with PHD. Nimrod.


    Tell that to dr phill. Or mr Phil rather


    Oh frak, look what you did !
    Ya made me up a casemod comment !
    You bastar@@ !!