grandma is 105!

grandma 2009.jpg (61 KB)

wow. i am amazed every time i look at this–it was taken last month on her 105th birthday.

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    Aw. The oldest person I ever met was 99 years old, it was my grand-grandmother. Your grandmother is awesome, mine didn’t wear any make up any more at that point but she could bake like a pro.


    no fat chx


    Really cool, I hope she keeps going for years to come.

    Kik Dogg


    (gotta love the geezers–that are us)


    My grandmother gets drunk and she got up on the table once and fell and now has a glass eye :/


    Tits or GTFO


    Imagine all the things she’s seen come & go in her lifetime. *wow*


    Off the top of my head…

    World War 1
    Great Depression
    World War 2 (in her 40s no less)
    The first Televisions
    Civil Rights Movement
    Rise of Computers
    Fall of Berlin Wall
    The Dawn of the Internet
    First Black President

    That’s just history class stuff and very common electronics. I hope I live to see that much history.

    lemon floor wax

    What an awesome lady, still smiling. Best wishes for more birthdays!

    Nemo Intermundorum

    One of the best people I was lucky enough to have met was my own great-grandmother, who lived to 99. And while I’m acutely aware that age does not by itself bring wisdom, I still have a soft spot for old people. Wish your grandmother all the best.


    Ha Ha, you are all inpsired. Suckers! She waits patiently for death and you know it. Have fun shittin yer pants grandma, i’ll be eating chewable food.


    This is cool and all, but I don’t really want to live that long. Unless I get a new cyborg body to play with…

    Wait… that didn’t come out right did it…?


    Thank gawd this wasn’t NSFW.

    That said, must be cool to live forever. Hope she’s healthy.

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