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    So good to hear that the FBI had the funding to buy of these things to use in the mine-ridden United States, because it’s not like any US Troops in Iraq or Afghanistan could use it:

    Such a good use of our taxes, don’t you think?


    Yeah but at least it looks dope.


    I think the top vehicle is called a Cougar. There are 5 different companies that make the MRAP vehicle. The MRAP concept is more of a design, with 5 different manufacturers. The ones in the second pic are all MaxxPros and I think the one in the link that has FBI on it is an RG33, but I am not positive on that one. And I agree. No need for them in the US, however, we love them overseas.


    Only took how many years? And how many deaths?


    Letterkenny (where hubby works) makes two of them. One of them is huge, the other is the size of a SUV. I don’t remember the names of them.


    I rode in a Cougar my last deployment in Iraq. I can say with 100% accuracy: no.

    It took the insurgency one (1) month to produce an IED which took out my vehicle (with casualties).

    As for the MaxxPros, decent vehicle concept, but the rear door is designed as a fold-down bed type door. In the event of an emergency or a flipped vehicle (which happens. despite the mass of the damn things), you can’t escape from the rear hatch.

    Just my $.02 as a marine grunt.


    actually you can escape the rear hatch. its designed so you can drop it without pushing any buttons for emergencies or if the motor goes out that lowers the door, but most people arent taught that you can do it, much less how. The reason for the fold down hatch is because in the even of a roll over, more than likely the vehicle will end up on its side, instead of the top. you wont fight gravity as much with the drop down door. on its side, it will swing open to the left or right. on some of… Read more »


    i’ll give in to that logic, but amazingly, having ridden in one for as long as i did, no…we were never taught how to drop the rear hatch. sadness.