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    Do you know what a metaphor is?


    This does not look very amusing.


    I kept staring at these hoping to figure out what the visual metaphor was.

    Webster Smogpule

    “Do you know what a metaphor is?”

    It’s a Star Wars reference.

    “Metaphors be with you.”


    That female Joker is so lame it hurts.


    She’s called Harley Quinn and I agree, they could’ve gone with a less Hedger-esque approach.

    Special Kail

    No, she’s not called harley quinn. it’s a dumb bitch who thinks putting on joker makeup makes her harley quinn.

    and dammit webster! I was gonna say that!


    It ain’t her fault, she’s not the director. These shots are stills from a Batman Fan Film.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This shit is gayer than the post below it. Remarkable.

    Losers with a home video camera do not a “film” make.

    This is just some fucking depressingly gay people embarrassing themselves in a different way than their normally embarrassingly lame lives affords.


    “do not a “film” make”



    Fan films and fan fiction in general are garbage. No matter how geeky i have gotten i would never sink as low as to actually watching a fan film. Why? Because it is never canon material.

    tiki god

    I remember seeing a batman/alien/predator one that wasn’t too bad, and in fact seemed pretty cool. Also, a batman/superman one that was pretty good.

    and a batman/nightwing one.

    I think I see a common thread there, lol


    That one is called Batman: Dead End, and it kicks an amazing amount of buttocks.


    Canon dont mean Quality…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Dead End was done by a professional effects guy with a budget and experience.

    And real cameras.

    Don’t get me wrong some are decent enough but it’s like 1 in a billion.

    You’re incredibly fucking stupid and I wish you’d have an accident that at least blew your nuts off.


    There is a chick in those pictures? Looks like two jack asses pretending to be Batman and Joker and a little boy that got into mommies makeup bag.


    They look like Tim and Eric, don’t they? I’m gonna go on ahead and believe that that is Tim and Eric.