Chris Evans

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    Good actor. Liked him in Sunshine. Made the FF movies watchable – played Storm well. Needs better roles.

    tiki god

    I had no clue it was the same dude in all those movies.

    this is a good thing, right?


    puts the hot in photo?


    He acts the same in every movie. He always plays the stereotypical shallow stuck up guy.


    But at least he does it well.
    Really douche-y pics though.

    lemon floor wax

    No different than lots of female Hollywood “stars”: just there to look good and sell tickets. And I’d buy a ticket to ride that bus. Mmmm hmm.

    tiki god

    I love you so much, I lol’d for like 30 seconds solid.


    I’d suck the socks off of him!


    Oh Chris Evans. I wish it was you that was gay and not your little bro. Oh well, at least he is hot too. *Goes watch General Hospital*


    His tattoo just means “surname”.

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