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Is this considered NSFW?

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    tiki god

    yeah, it really should be nsfw. but I’m too lazy to edit it just right now


    Pre-history because there’s… snow? And animal fur and a few fangs?
    What about the crossbow, the rubber straps, her piercing, the metal straps on her bracers, the tidy and well kept hair, the hairless body, the shaped eyebrows and all the makeup?

    Also, nom.


    She’s a time traveler. They had piercings in Pre-history. The wind blew her hair that way. She was in a fire which burned off only her body hair and trimmed her eyebrows. Some people just tend to have nice skin.

    It’s a half nude woman does it really need an explanation


    This post is how I know you’re gay….


    I am fond of this


    Damn. And here I was expecting hard, mud-wrestling, shaggy nomadic ladies showing us something seriously wild.

    But no, it’s just another one of those boring cookie-cutter’d chicks in a costume.

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