Steam punk, gender swapped joer in a willy wonka hat

Steam punk, gender swapped joer in a willy wonka hat.jpg

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    ahem titties you gigantic faggot


    What if I told you that this is actually a character that was apart of the batman canon….


    Yeah, this is a Batman canon character. Duela Dent.

    The neckbeards hassling every female fan for “trying too hard” aren’t half the nerds these ladies are. You aren’t the gatekeepers of geekdome. Knock it off.

    tiki god

    you’re kind of a dick, wow.


    Did he hit a nerve?


    Hehehe, Neckbeards.


    thirty five fucking upvotes
    shouldnt you all be en route to san diego or something


    The responses to this post please me lol


    Not recognizing that the hat clearly fits within the steampunk genre is a fail.


    The level of authenticity/adherence to canon (read: lack of originality) of the costume doesn’t dismiss the fact of the macro: that this shit is over 9000 levels of fucking retarded. It’s a meme-whoring genre orgy that’s destined to spawn nerd AIDS. She wants to show off her fat tits, get a stickam account and STFU.

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