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    tiki god

    aw shit, this is what happens with retards are permitted to operate multi-million dollar equipment.

    also: nyoki, why all the watermarked images lately?

    tiki god

    dead dog was good until he started slappin his watermark on all the images, even if you load them from the site. that’s why I removed the site from my rss reader.


    I think its because she’s been visiting, one of many sites related to

    I also like

    tiki god

    meh. I have a grudge against websites that slather their watermarks all over images. this is why I created mcs.


    ou can get the non-watermarked versions on 4chon


    There was a young girl here who was killed because some doofus left an oxygen tank unrestrained in the MRI room. Probably smashed her all to bits.

    X-ray/MRI/CAT scan tech is hopefully my future job..I would kill myself if I ever let this happen on my watch. 🙁

    fracked again

    That kind of shit pisses me off so much. Stupid careless shit.


    One of the nurses I know admitted a patient was set on fire at the hospital she works at. She was off shift at the time. Apparently the patient was getting oxygen and when they took the mask off static electricity sparked and ignited the oxygen with the patient in range of the flame.


    I fucked a nurse.