Dumb Car Monster Truck

smart-monster-car.jpg (78 KB)

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    it had to be done.


    Kinda defeats the purpose of haveing a smart car.


    It doesn’t have enough power to move even one of those wheels….

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Are you stupid? do you just blurt out what ever shit pops into your head?
    Here’s a video of it driving around a mud course. Looks like it’s moving all of those wheels just fine.


    I think he was just making a joke at the Smart car’s expense.


    Are you fucking stupid? It obviously doesn’t have the stock engine in it… bejamus was referring to the stock smart car engine not being able to power that thing, not whatever they replaced it with. Still, either way take a turd, and make it a monster turd and it still just a turd, smart cars fucking suck.

    Citing of different engine:


    I think smart cars rock. Don’t they get good gas mileage? If not, they they suck. I’m not sure about them.

    They put a diablo engine in one and that was pretty cool.

    Also note the super charger or whatever near the wheel.


    Guess you don’t know anything about gears and gear ratios and torque.


    dumb car. i get it. because the car is actually a smart car.