jackson vs vader

jackson vs vader

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    Also –


    What? Everybody hated the twerp. Even he has said he hates himself for ruining “it”.

    Everybody hated number 2, not has much as the 5 year old (because it was less dumb). But no one liked him.

    Everybody likes number 3. Coolest person at every party.


    Personally, that twerp wasn’t too bad, for a child actor, he did more than alright, he was everything Anakin should be, strong, courageous, and full of fear. He was Perfect, he only ruined it because he wasn’t old enough to play the other part, in which he would of done monumental. And Hayden isn’t a bad actor at all, he just isn’t natural star wars material. We are all use to seeing the best actors play these parts only because usually Lucas has had a great eye for talent. Well, in this case, he picked the actor that bit of… Read more »

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Wasn’t too bad? Watch Episode I again. Seriously, don’t go by your pleasant memories from the movie theater. Put that fucker in the DVD player – I know your have the box set – and watch it. Now listen to how little Anakin yells a horribly fake “Whoopee!” every time something exciting happens and then does nothing deeper than furrow his little eyebrows. Dakota bloody Fanning could’ve done better when she was three. Hayden might be a decent actor for those movies that are only meant to bring in impressionable teenage girls, but he was way out of his depth… Read more »


    I do think we can all agree that is is Lucas’s fault.


    I personally blame Joe Jackson.


    True. But the “good episodes” was his fault too.

    tiki god

    you’re out of your mind. TESB and RoTJ were both directed by someone else:



    Please note that lucas didn’t direct either of those.

    tiki god

    totally. lucas fucked us with the prequels.