how to get the girl

how to get the girl

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    The girls you can get by ignoring them are usually crazy.


    So the chart is accurate.


    Doesn’t change the fact that you get them though.

    So, I deem this FACT.


    Totally bogus. That large section SHOULD be “have lots of money”.


    Nope, this is absolutely true. And it’s not just the crazy girls. I fight against this fact every damn day.


    this is totally true, and backs up my assertion that ATTENTION is the main motivator of any female. money is a distant second


    Partially true. The real trick is to treat them like a kid sister. Be friendly, but tease them, and generally act like you aren’t sexually interested… Okay, that’s kind of disturbing, but it’s the best comparison I have right now. As for money: It helps, but you still have to be a decent guy. Money is like large breasts. Yeah, they’re great, and you’d rather have them then not, but if the woman is a total bitch or just not fun to be around, then breasts (money) has to be the only thing you care about to still be with… Read more »


    @Paul Is Drunk: Correct in two areas. Money being analogous to large breasts was beautiful. I cried a little. The kid sister one was a bit creepy, but also entirely correct. But you somewhat underestimate the pure power good looks can have over women. Especially if you have money, and are somewhat proficient at pretending to have low libido. Really, the key is providing an atmosphere of passive interest. If you act mildly amused by a woman staring at your crotch, as opposed to interested, then you have a much higher chance of “winning” the game. Particularly if she isn’t… Read more »


    This is bullshit. Ignoring a girl tells them you aren’t interested, and odds are you aren’t filthy rich and aren’t devishly hansom and any self respecting female (the only ones you want) would put 2 and 2 together and pay no attention to you.

    The only girls who are that forward to talk to you first are sluts.


    Casemods is a profound expert in lady things