skinny model

skinny model

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    That is NOT beautiful! I would NOT hit that! I think she deserves to be slapped until she sees reason and promises to put some weight on!




    Meth or an eating disorder gone too far, either way, I’d guess she’s a few months from organ failure.


    That’s revolting… the only reason anorexia is the norm among models is because the fashion/modeling industry is run by gay men… who only see women as attractive if they have bodies resembling eleven year old boys… hence why 2/3 of models are disgusting skeletons. And also why most women think that in order to be attractive to men they have to look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.


    She not attractive, but I would like to break it off in her, or break her. I’ve lost my morals.


    Where have all the curves gone? If I wanted someone with the body of a 10 year old boy, I’d become a catholic priest…

    lemon floor wax

    Sammich? Cake? Anything? Bleughch.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Wow… somebody too skinny even for my tastes. See, that’s not naturally fit… that’s just… needs food.


    Whoa, tell that piggy to slow down! Her buffets ain’t goin’ nowhere. And how come no one’s paying attention to Jabba the model there? Unless….unless everywhere they look, she’s there. You know, cuz she’s so planetary in size?


    I threw up a lot in my mouth.


    Oh c’mon, this isn’t hardly as bad as all that. She’s too skinny, sure, but hardly worthy of puking and going all hyperbole. Ah, wait, internats… nevermind. fuck you all, whatever.


    Would not hit. 😐


    Not gonna diss somebody’s choice of lifestlye, but I’m tempted to snap that twig.

    PitYak Studios

    That IS a harpoon


    sickly skinny, quick, get a gallon of bacon grease and a funnel…


    I would hit that. I don’t like the absence of breasts and her legs make her look 10 or something. Although any age can be skinny or fat so really she’s just skinny. Her height gives her age away.

    A bit TOO skinny, and I prefer skinny girls.


    whatev. “too skinny” and she’s still fat. look at that gut. do some situps, fatty.


    HIgh5 casemods! She’s sweet :3