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jim watkins, what else would think q looks like.

Old Tofu

*would you think


It’s an interesting article, but a better metaphor (or model?) for Qanon is a cult. A lot of the same mechanics at play as in this game designer’s take (a big conspiracy, the more the normies insist you are wrong, the more convinced you are that you’re right, etc). But as with a cult, there’s an religious undercurrent to the whole thing (Qanoners believe the baby-eating evil deep state overlords are satanists) and also, like a cult, there is no fourth wall problem – “this is not a game” is built right in from the start.


Definitely. The way some of the people I know that are into this shit wait for “Q drops” like they’re new bible versus or something.
And they totally don’t believe the Q is Jim either. “That’s just a lie the mainstream media wants you to believe so you’re not open to the truth” is usually the retort.
I think it’s about time I cut those people loose. I’m done trying to reason with them.