Windows 7 Wallpapers – Characters I

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    i’m waiting for token2k6 to start talking about how great windows 7 is….


    Top one: Discworld reference?
    Middle one: Trippy but nice.
    Third one: Anime inspiration?


    Couldn’t be Discworld, it’s missing the elephants 🙁


    I’m running Windows 7, and can say for a fact that it is indeed the second coming and all cancer is going into remission as it boots up.


    I will give anybody on here $100 that can show me any top of the line PC running XP or Vista boot up faster, get fully into windows, able to open the web browser, surf here and post a comment, quicker than my $300 e-machine with Win7 RC running on.

    That is how confident I am that Win7 is a gift from God.


    Well, my Asus eee boots WinXP faster than Win7, but takes around an extra 30 seconds after the desktop loads to initialize the wireless card as opposed to Win7 almost instantly loading it. So, Win7 wins.


    rant on: the more I think about it, I cannot wait to see how the world is going to react when they get their hands on Win7. The amount of companies already looking to switch to the new OS is overwhelming. This means that everyone has to upgrade to the new format. When they do with ease and no problems whatsoever, these employees will now think, hey, maybe I need this for my home PC. So then they pick a copy up. With this will come vast improvements, little downside, and one of the most stable operating systems you will… Read more »


    Hi everybody! Hope someone can help me. I would like to use img.19 as my business logo. Rather says just a detail (the Dragon) of this picture. Where can I find an email address to ask the right person. I don’t want to breach of the copyright. Thanks in advance