51 states

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    Potential Puerto Rican addition flag?

    …Considering Puerto Rico gets all of the benefits of a state with none of the taxes for being simply a “territory.”


    Ouch Sticky…We resemble that comment out here in the Pacific. We might get ‘some’ bennies, but we have no vote. I was born and raised in the States, yet my Citizenship is worthless here. If you vote for the wrong President, we have to suffer.


    Puerto Rico is not in the Pacific. And every president is the wrong president. Who are you?

    Just This Guy, You Know?

    Guam is a US possession located in the Pacific ocean, dude. That’s probably where etiii is posting from. Puerto Rico isn’t the only island that’s a US possession. Geography FTW.


    The only reason the US still owns Guam is because it’s a convenient airbase. 😛


    etii unless you agree with what sticky says I am pretty sure you want to use the word resent. Thats why you don’t get to vote!


    I thought the old joke was that Britain was the 51st State?


    Is etiii from Guam?


    Yes Miko,for the past 30 yearz in Paradise. Before that I travelled the world and originally started out in Indiana and Tennessee. So I’m still a hick at heart.


    I thought texas and california where still republics but counted as states nonetheless. Shows how much I know.


    -raises hand-

    Puertorican semi-librarian here!

    No we’re not officially a state, but I think we’re only lacking the official name, since the rest of the stuff is already here.

    Puerto Rico FTL

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