What a black emo looks like

los-emos-13.jpg (31 KB)

I get the feeling this one is bound to be more miserable than the rest.

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    looks like dreth

    Billy Manic

    Fro…fringe. Fronge?

    Billy Manic

    In the tags, where it says “Dark Humor”…is it ’cause he is black?

    Snarky Parker

    I’ll sport a colored afro before I ever do that shit.


    that’s just . . . depressing.


    hahahaha ewwwwww hahahaha ewwwwwwww hahahaha ewwwwwww hahahahaha ewwwwwwww HAHAHAHAHAHA EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW……… (it goes on and on forever)


    Woooow what’s wrong with black people being emo? Y’all dang white people just mad cuz black people are moving into the scene of being emo. I honestly don’t see why yall think boys wearing makeup and nailpolish and straightening their hair and using hairspray is cute. But that’s just me. Creepers…

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