You are on a rock floating through space

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…and that is nothing less than extraordinary.

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    In Space, no one can hear you say “Uhm, Wat?”


    i feel speshul nao

    Luke Magnifico

    Not just floating.

    Roaring through the cosmos, a whirligig cradling the lives of over 6 billion people, screaming at over 65,000 mph, a hair’s breadth from being scorched by solar radiation or frostbitten by the cold void of empty space. Our lives here are granted by a thin layer of gases and the Earth’s own magnetic field, dancing on the razor edge between forces of destruction so relentless and potent that to call them elemental in nature would be to belittle them, comparing them to forces we can comprehend.

    Isn’t that nice.


    remember the torture/execution device in Hitchhiker?
    The Total Perspective Vortex? For the unfamiliar, the brilliance of this device was to show you yourself in relation to the Universe. Like- all of It, which annihilates the mind with the combination of brain melting infinity, and the ego pulverizing insignificance of the self.
    Your comment reminds me of that.
    Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a big fucking deal.


    Yeah, I went into the Total Perspective Vortex. I didn’t see any other motherfucker with a “You Are Here” sign!

    That’s how good I am!


    It is truly amazing to think of how wispy our atmosphere is, and how it would have been blasted away billions of years ago had it not been for our magnetic field.

    but for everyone who doesnt think thats amazing just go back to your hypnotic state and keep rereading the last book of the new testament by the burning embers of evolution textbooks.