Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

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    Okay… Im fucking excited


    Playing the devil’s advocate here… this movie is going to suck.

    I love Tim as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything from him recently that leads me to believe this movie is going to be any good.


    Are you playing devils advocate? or are you taking an alternate stance from the crowd. There is a difference. Anyway, I guess if I were die hard batshit crazy for early burton, id feel that hes gotten weaker with old age, but since Sweeney Todd, Depp and Carter are GOLDEN on screen together, I think Burton brought a different take to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but if you could keep it separate in your mind from Willy Wonka, and just look at Depp for his performance, he made an endlessly enjoyable character, gets slaughtered by wilder, but it was… Read more »


    im prepared for the onslaught of Burton fans crying over that last comment


    I agree with Camiam321. Weak, very weak.


    id go see it, i mean i think its a great story on its own, and if he can twist it and make it interesting to people whove heard it thousands of times, then good on him.




    Sorry, I meant



    Actually, I meant


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    hah nice




    So I’m going to assume that the second one down is the mad hatter (10/6 card and whatnot not to mention that he is wearing a hat). I kept hearing rumors that Johnny Depp had that role which actually disappointed me; however, this looks like Elija Wood -THE froddo bagins!- which interests me. We’ll see what happens. Nothing beats American McGee’s alice though.


    That is Jonny Depp…


    The fail. It chokes me.


    Also, doesn’t the mad hatter look like he would beat out carrot top in a carrot top look a like contest?


    Oh, and so you can get a taste of the history of the Mad Hatter (not historical footage, more a funny video that describes why actual hatters went mad in the 20th century, with a reinactment):

    Watch This


    If this isn’t awesome, I’m going to shave Tim Burton’s head while he sleeps.


    There are some stories, that just can’t be told in a bad way. Unless he changed the plot, which I’m sure he didn’t, at least not any major changes, this is going to be fantastic no matter what because you have two things guaranteed: Eye candy + good acting.

    Oh yah, and it’s Alice in motherfucking Wonderland. I mean seriously.


    I’m just gonna throw this out there.

    Fuck lot of gingers.


    Also, I’m not a crazed Tim Burton fan or anything, I am an Alice fanatic however.
    Cats, mushrooms, and mathematics. What more could any human need. I feel like I’ve said this before. Well the truth can be repeated right? Right.


    why is the mad hatter’s face white? he is not a clown, he is crazy from mercury poisoning


    I’m not gonna lie, it looks like it’d be a creepy derivative of a movie that already freaked me out

    hell if anyone is not at all excited about this just go and watch it while high, might make for a more enjoyable experience lol


    Wasn’t the Mad Hatter a robot, just like Napoleon?


    Tim Burton, jeez, just stop TRYING to hard. We get it, you’re the guy who can pull off gothic stuff in the mainstream and still not lose cred. That’s awesome!

    Just, y’know. Subtlety, sometimes.


    I’ve heard that this is a sequel of sorts, Alice is 17 now, ten years after the first time she went down the rabbit hole. So there could be plenty to fuck with and screw up.


    Yeah, it’s a totally new story and has nothing at all to do with the books.

    Which makes me so sad.

    Still. It’s Alice. Sort of.


    Tim Burton directing a movie that’s an emo/goth take on something thats already been done!? With Johnny Dep? And Helen Bonham Carter? Sounds fresh and original! Me Want!


    WTF I posted this too. The timing is all off.

    Cannot wait for this movie, even though I’ll probably see it alone.


    I can’t believe no one has said they noticed that Alice looks like she will be played by the ultra attractive Anne Hathaway. om nomity nom


    – No one has said that bc Anne Hathaway is playing the White Queen. Alice is played by some nobody. I submitted pics of the new Alice, so hopefully tiki will let you see them soon.


    I find myself suddenly -really- glad Burton didn’t pick up the much wanted American McGee’s Alice movie as was rumored at one point.


    Tim Burton is trying too hard to be creepy.


    Tim Burton seems to me to be the right sort of guy to adapt Lewis Carroll to the screen.