A Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio

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    A portal to Heaven???

    I was always under the impression that Ohio was the portal to Hell. I guess those who taught me were wrong.


    Monkeybird, although living in Ohio is hellish, I don’t think it’s a portal to hell. I think just for having lived here in Ohio should be an automatic ticket to heaven for all the suffering.


    this is a chemtrail, those fake wispy clouds sprayed up there above you by some sekrit government or someone who has a shitload of planes. it’s full of heavy metals and biological mateerials


    amagad its those biological mateerials that give you diabeetus!


    OUR gov sprays illegaly over other countries- herbicides to kill coke plants in columbia and bolivia.. the bolivians have found a coke plant tolerant of the spray this is the reason that coke is becoming more powerful. The bolivian coke plant is better then columbias plants so colubian farmers buy bolivian seeds now… I would not be surprised if they did it here to kill… weed?


    Ohio…because sometimes oil slicks on water aren’t enough anymore.


    Wow, even the rainbows are lazy in Ohio.

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