Plague Doctor 1656

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Swine flu aint got shit on me.

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    The world’s deadliest plague…stopped by cleanliness. XD


    These guys freak me the hell out. I’ve had nightmares about them. They filled the beaks of those masks with smelly herbs and shit because they thought that would repel the plague.


    Dr. Schnabel in da Haus, baby!

    BTW… they also burned Jews to stop the black plague. Cleanliness. Burnt Jew. Who can really say which method was successful in the end.


    I’m livin for givin the devil his due,
    ‘Cause I’m burnin
    I’m burnin
    I’m burnin a Jew


    Burn out the day,
    Burn out the night

    Unless I am mistaken this same band wrote the classic “I’m on the lamb, but I ain’t no sheep”.

    Good stuff.


    Aww yeah, these masks were so dope. I have this picture, it’s actually in black and white, the colour makes it look a little silly.

    Books about the plague are so fucking fascinating, I can’t get enough of them or these masks. The mask in my avatar looks similar too.

    Also, ack is hilarious but is going to go to hell.


    Hell? Probably. We should pick a spot where we can all meet up.

    Besides, if I laugh at burnt Jews, that does not get me the one-way pass to hell. I was Baptised Catholic. I still have time to rape, pillage, murder, and make gay porns before I ask Jesus to forgive me – and get absolved.

    I could technically still make it to heaven. It’s all about the timing, my friend, all about the timing.


    I was just messing with you, wise guy.

    Besides, even if there was a heaven, what makes you think you’d wanna go there. It’s not like fromme Christen are the kind of people you’d have a lot of fun with or anything, am I right. The things they think are sinful on Earth, wouldn’t be any different in heaven.


    You’re probably right about that. Especially if the Jehovas Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists and the Born-Again Christians are there. I’ll take hell, thanks.

    Say, where do the pagans go when they die. They seem like a fun loving bunch. Occasional pagan orgy would be good.

    Maybe I could crash their after-party.


    Can anyone read it?


    It says: “Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom “Kleidung wider den Tod zu Rom. Anno 1656. Also gehen die Doctores medici daher zu Rom, wann sie die an der Pest erkrankte Personen besuchen, sie zu curiren und tragen, sich vor dem Gift zu sichern, ein langes Kleid von gewäxtem Tuch. Ihr Angesicht ist verlarvt, für den Augen haben sie grosse crystalline Brillen, vor den Nasen einen langen Schnabel voll wohlriechender Specerey, in der Hände, welche mit Handschuhen wohl versehen ist, eine lange Ruthe und damit deuten sie, was man thun und gebrauchen soll.” which translates to “The Doctor Beak from Rome… Read more »


    Interesting. I watched a show on History Channel (I think) about Nostradamus. It said that he wore an outfit something like this but w/ a lot of hay stuffed in it. Apparently he preached personal cleanliness and general sanitation as well (which most thought superstitious ironically). It is thought, now, that the hay may have made it impossible for the infected fleas to get through before he washed himself down.


    I want one of those masks. But I want to buy it in Venice and wear it to a ball with a babebacious lady as my date.


    I have several masks that I got in Venice, they make very beautiful masks although the ones I have are intended for decoration.


    In Hellblazer, they most recently had a two part issue dealing with one of these guys. It was kinda sick, and kinda twisted. Fun storyline though.


    Edward Gorey created a character based on this currently being turned into a film