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    46 Responses ttto Marijuana Before and After

    1. gloomer says:


      Stop ruining my language you stupid Lithuanian!

    2. Karatesaurus Rex says:

      AIDs? You’re doing it wrong…

    3. gx5000 says:

      I’d like to say it’s because of the fact that’s it’s been criminilized so much, but that would be wrong…

      Look around and ignore MTV, the winners aren’t smokers…have fun with it while you’re young, but drop it like O did 😉

    4. deuce says:

      Hmm… do you think “marijuana” is a typo for “meth”? Cuz marijuana is about as harmless as an intoxicant gets.

      Also, this ad looks like it was put together by a dim 6th grader who believes what his Republican parents tell him.

    5. Luke Magnifico says:

      He took marijuana.

      Then his wife found out about his lifelong habit of hooking up with transvestites in dollar motels.

      She threw him out, he became a nervous wreck.

      He got caught driving under the influence of tequila with 4 naked minors in the back of his car. There were no convictions, but he lost his job, and wound up living on the street.

      He was forced to turn tricks for food, then to feed the cocaine habit he developed to cope with the everyday hardships he faced.

      The moral of the story is, never get caught indulging your fetish.

    6. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      I smoked marijuana and I became a scientist.
      Marijuana ruins lives.

    7. Luke Magnifico says:

      I smoked marijuana and I gained temporary super powers, including the power to understand the supersonic speech patterns of bees.
      Their terrible secrets are too great a burden.

      • AKircher says:

        I smoked marijuana and ended up a Distinguished Professor at a major Research I university. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!
        Marijuana ruins lives.

    8. WaltherKid says:

      @Rex LOL totally, I guess he and her found multiple uses for a bong?

    9. Pandora_C says:

      The economic downturn, before and after

    10. marcus44 says:

      no, not marijuana, That’s what happens when you read too much “my confined space”

    11. ActionBowman says:

      shit made him black too, its gotta be bad.

    12. Wicked69 says:

      I smoked weed, got a job, bought a house, had kids, and became a productive tax payer.


      *legalize it/tax it/save our economy*

    13. Luke Magnifico says:


      Yeah, srsly, ffs

    14. Moe says:

      I Smoke weed, live a great singles life in sunny So-cal, working for the Government helping children.. Awsome!

      *legalize it/tax it/save our economy*

      • sylvanish says:

        No offense, but you sound like a giant douche. I think it was mostly the “working for the Government helping children.. Awsome!” part. I don’t think you -are- a giant douche, but you sounded like one.

        • Sticky says:

          Besides, sounding like a douche is my job.

        • Syl, this is Moe. As in, Recondomoe.

          Moe you should have never changed your screen name.

          Moe is a hero! Sorta. More of a hero than most of us will ever be.

        • sylvanish says:

          Oh I love Moe, my intention was along the lines of pointing out that someone has food on their face. But I’m an elitist asshole, so my intentions are paving the road to hell.

          I’m sorry Moe, you know I love you, even when you sound like a douche and I act like an ass. It was just a punch in the shoulder. I read your post like it was typed with a lisp. It sounded douchy.

          But, perhaps… perhaps -I- am the giant douche here.

        • Moe says:

          TO ALL: I am MOE! the new. Old recondomoe was cool.. but was. I am now. He has lost his way.
          Hope his journey improves and he finds his way back too lifeless meaningful MCS or what not have you..

          To:syvanish. i am in fact a douche. But not as much as you. you are mastering douch. I Do work for the .gov because i am not scared of my people and i wish to improve this ridiculous country for the hope that one day all people will die and earth will be left to those who deserve it..or something like that. Do you fear the .gov? is this what made you think i am douche? i help defenseless poor children. probably one of yours.. (oh sorry). lol. my point was that people bag and talk shit on government when the gov is people. get it? you are gov. when you vote for taxes to go to healthcare or rich fat-cats.. thats the gov. .. you. This cuntry sux because people are scared of the gov. – afraid to stand up. afraid to smoke some pot on the beach. afraid to tell a cop my fuckin rights.. see a judge-they might think different then a cop.-Gov works for me.

        • Moe says:

          I was also sounding douchey- douchie, douchy.. because of the troll thread. i smoke everyday. Keeps me from killing everyone. and helps me sleep.

        • “my point was that people bag and talk shit on government when the gov is people. get it? you are gov. when you vote for taxes to go to healthcare or rich fat-cats.. thats the gov. .. you.”

          Moe you’re incredible.

          I’m sure Lotus agrees you are, if he sees this.

          • TheLotusEater725 says:

            100%. The whole reason we are allowed to own guns is because we are supposed to have power over the government. The government is supposed to fear US.

        • sylvanish says:

          Very noble of you Moe. But no, neither you nor the government has ever helped me or anyone in my family, but have done plenty of the opposite. No worries tho, we look after ourselves.

          I don’t fear the .gov, but I do fear masses of people. I vote for the Anarchist Party by spoiling a ballot every election, so no, I am proudly not the gov and I have no need for the gov. There is not a single service they/you provide that I need. Thanks anyway. But who’s bagging or shitting on the government anyway?

          I’m sorry I said you sounded douchy Moe. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It was just a jab, but it came off as being douchy in itself. I admitted that, and I apologize. Hug?

    15. I once smoked marijuana and achieved total consciousness with the universe. The next 2,000 times I tried it just got the munchies and found it hard to leave the couch/computer.

      • Moe says:

        I once smoked Salvia x30 and did the same.. now when i smoke the salvia i just feel like i dove threw a mucus cactus.. or the girl on that commercial that melted to her chair.. thats what salvia feels like.. not pot. (oh now i’m high too- Stewie G.)

    16. mikoyangurevich15 says:

      It just makes me eat junk food.

    17. Gilez says:

      vI smoked marijuana and drew all of the art Tool uses on their albums and live shows.
      Oh wait that’s alex grey….

    18. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Barack Obama smoked Pot, and look at him now, he is the first black man elected president.


    19. Death_to_Dude says:

      …after smoking marijuana, I am now BLACK and homeless!

    20. Gilly says:

      Dudes, marijuana ain’t that shit with the needles and shit.
      Or…could one possibly…naaah.
      Anyway, if ever I saw people degrade like that it was because of, you know, that shit with the needles and shit.

      Or pot.
      But those guys are pricks and I hope they die painfully.
      Wait. Is someone watching this thread? Police? Secret service? Mommy?

    21. MonkeyHitman says:

      a bunch of druggies :O in this thread

    22. I smoked marijuana and now I work with animals 🙂

    23. Kilamanjo says:

      Marijuana is my anti-drug

    24. Alec Dalek says:

      You’d have to be high on crack to believe this.

    25. clicksip says:

      Wow, how ignorant! Personally I don’t smoke, but all the people I’ve met have. They still work, keep their families and for christ sake never got AIDS! Seem to be more relaxed also.

    26. Marcus says:

      This is so fake!
      What the fuck is wrong with you guys?
      Marijuana doesn’t give you AIDS, WTF?!
      Marijuana is just like alcohol, but better.
      Marijuana is used used against cancer, so why do you hate it so damn much?
      It saves lives. It’s like you want people to suffer from cancer and then die.
      I’ve tried marijuana 2 times for like 4 months ago. I had so much fun and laughed my ass off everytime, never had so much fun!
      Did I get addicted? No
      Did I change? No
      Marijuana should be legal in every countries since it saves lives.
      So why the fuck is the problem?
      You don’t know the truth about marijuana so stop hatin’ bitches

    27. kuk says:

      I smoke marijuana frequently.
      I became a doctor.

      …medschool is quite tough.

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