Justice League by Alex Ross

Justice League by Alex Ross

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    Was this the Justice League or Kingdom Come? I didn’t know Captain Marvel was in the JL.

    Insanely Rational

    That’s the cover from the “Justice” mini-series. Cap. Marvel was in it, though I don’t remember if he was part of JLA or just supporting.


    Thought it was Kingdom Come too, but checked wiki and I guess there was a “Justice” series to come out after, artwork style is the same.

    However, that is way too many people to make up the Justice League. Its like hey, all you superhero’s, welcome to the JLA!

    tiki god

    are you kidding me? there are hundreds of super heroes in the JLA, not just the big 7 that everyoen always thinks of, geez.


    wtf is up with shazam boy capital marvel, is he autistic or something?


    “Hey apostrophes, come ruin plurals”




    back when black people werent allowed


    Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash cannot single handidly save the universe. Logic like this is why I just cannot get into comic books.



    superman is immortal unless he is very close to some rare rocks from hundreds or thousands of light years away

    that-s pretty much why superman sucks balls


    This shows me how little I know DC comic superheroes. But, in the front, we have the only interesting character, Batman, the only useful character, Superman, and slightly behind them, there’s Aquaman, who I don’t think is a superhero at all, but just an autistic guy who loves to swim and thinks he can talk to fish, and they just humor him to make him feel useful.

    Also, is that a fucking magician in the back?


    That’s Zatanna, she’s funny and hot.

    I can’t find that in women ’round here.