Conan’s New Set is Super Mario Bros!

conanlovesmario.jpg (91 KB)

Just one of the many reasons that I love Conan O\’Brian.


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    tiki god

    point of order:
    it was not intentional, but they went back after the fact and animated it in for thursday’s episode.

    Also, I’m now subscribed to his show via hulu :

    I never got into the late night shows simply because they were coming on right when I was going out. Now I get to watch them while I nurse my hangovers 🙂


    Another thing about Conan’s Tonight Show is that it’s fucking hysterical. Friday’s episode, about 1:45 in, for example. Later, Patton Oswald make funny joke about “B-Word” fat.


    “doodoo doo doo DOO do…”


    I should start watching this.


    I haven’t tuned in yet but now I think I will…


    I don’t like this guys attitude and smugness.


    You don’t like happiness!


    sorry but i don’t see the humor at all

    needs moar


    look at how closely the outline matches, there’s no way in hell it was unintentional to the person that designed it. Maybe unintentional to the producers and conan, but not the creator.


    This walking, maundering dildo went from being a total zero to a negative number and then the TV network gave him enough money to buy New Jersey. Does that tell you how smart they are?

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