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To save you we must have a threesome! OKAY!


Is anyone else pissed off that this show won’t be back next year?




very pissed, yes. Second season was awesome…sadly this show is only for our generation, and most of us don’t watch (live) TV anymore, we use DVRs, torrents, streams or other recording services…ergo nobody was watching it, from FOXs perspective. They definitly need to find a better system for this, one that includes such services. They are going to wish they hadn’t canceled it, when they see the DVD sales.


I thought they had a new system. I’ve heard them say that this or that show was the most dvr’d in a given time slot.

tiki god

Gah, how did this show get canned, but the shittastic dollhouse got renewed?

it just blows my mind.


tiki, I remember a time where we got a days worth of Dollhouse, hell I remember I even thought it wasn’t going to see the light of day. Five minutes into the first episode, my wife and I looked at each other with a slight off-put look on both our faces, I pressed ‘stop’ and deleted it from my dvr and told my dvr to never attempt to record this shit show no matter how hot the chicks may be. so yeah, I would have cancelled this show a thousand times before I would have cancelled T:TSCC!! Oh and here… Read more »

tiki god

You mean Joss wheadon. and yeah, technically he did pay them off, he’s going to be doing the episodes much cheaper next season apparently, and they’re canning the ‘remote free’ service that T:TSCC and dollhouse were a part of.


I tried to watch this show. I really did. Part of that is because it was filmed here in Albuquerque, and I believe in supporting stuff like that. But I never could manage to sit through a whole episode. It’s disappointing on several levels.


I loved this show, it never disappointed! With each show the story became more incredible, the way they filmed the show and gave insight into character backgrounds was something that isn’t normal for TV shows.

I AM dissapointed it got canceled and will sign every petition, post a comment on any page, or vote for it a million times to bring it back!!


This show was bad ass! All you haters are just jealous because . . . yeah . . . I don’t know why, but you are! lol hahahaha

Howie Feltersnatch

“Warshowski, you finished ‘shopping that promo pic for the Sarah Connor show?”

“Not yet boss, I’m having some trouble with the shadows–they’re still too skinny.”

“Well hurry it up already! Just paint in something in vaguely the right place and then throw in a bunch of lens flare to distract people from the bad comp job.”

“You got it boss. Annnnnnd….done!”


I really liked Chronicles. Why FOX would cancel this and keep Dollhouse is beyond me.