Joker and Harley

Joker and Harley

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    Harley looks yummy, Joker looks stupid here.
    Like some pale flat-faced color-blind accountant or something


    Harley is the best thing that’s ever happened to Joker. And the Batman franchise in general. She needs to be in the next movie!

    tiki god

    no. for the love god, no. just let her be animated, it’s for the best, really.


    It’s true, she could be completely fucked up in a movie, and animated Harley is the shit, but I say give them a chance. Did good with the Joker, so how bad could she be?

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s not Joker, that’s just a pale Italian man in a suit.


    Yeah, what gives with the no-tie look and the untucked shirt and the unbuttoned collar.

    Harley!! That ain’t Mr. J!!!


    I hate how deviantFarts try to make Beetlejuice and The Joker handsome, they’re not supposed to be, dickweeds.


    Handsome??? It looks to me as tho Harley is about to be raped. And she WILL not enjoy it, nobody willingly has sex with the Joker. I’m sure he would not even be able to get it up if the chick was willing…


    You must not know Harley.


    harley is on the all time fap worthy list