Superman Punches Batman

Superman Punches Batman

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    Why can’t they just get along??


    Unless it was a love punch that means he’s dead. Cause Superman is teh strongz

    tiki god

    really? I had no clue


    That’s why I’m here to tell ya!


    Can go one of two ways.

    Either add caption for Supes, “Back in the kitchen and bring me a sammich , be-aitch!”


    replace Bat-head with pink mist and add sound effect ‘splitch’

    then full of win

    tiki god

    or alternatively, batman stands back up and beat the shit out of superman?


    no, tiki.

    batman looses this battle EVERY time

    you see the pic? the moment just after the impact of the Superfist to the Batface?

    yup. that’s how it ends, and that’s how it will always end

    Luke Magnifico

    Shouldn’t Batman’s head, like, explode?


    yes, into a pink mist and with the sound effect splitch

    check out

    that works too.


    Actually Natedog you are wrong.. Batman always wins the fights… Batman has beat down Superbitch so many times it isn’t funny. Why? Because Supes is a damn boy scout and Batman will do whatever it takes.. The End. For referance.. see Hush Storyline, also.. Dark Knight by Miller.


    Wow, that’s quite a body of works you’ve cited there. Miller’s got a hard-on for hating Superman, and none of his shitty writing can be taken seriously…that’s why it’s not canon. And Hush *sucked*; Jeff Loeb can’t write. Get some history, boy. And some goddam common sense. Batman wins when the writers have elaborate set-ups so that Batman *could* win. But all Superman would have to do is fly around the world, zero in on Batman, punch is head off, and game over. The reason he hasn’t done so is because he knows what a pussy bitch Batman would ultimately… Read more »


    Supes is just mad that the goddamn Batman had sex with Louis Lane… On HIS desk at the Daily Planet. Why you might ask??? CAUSE HE’S THE GODDAMN BATMAN BITCHES!!!


    Alex Ross makes these two look like fat old men. Batman’s utility belt looks like a man-corset. Take that off and it’s a beer belly for Batman.


    Your opinion that Jeph Loeb can’t write is just that, your opionion. The Hush storyline was oen of the Best storylines in the batman comics of late. and most people agree except for the ones that want to disagree for the sake of being a douche. Any Batman story however is ten times better than the Superman books.. let’s see.. He’s the man of steel and practically invincible, what possible story could we tell, yet again, with Superman… OH LOOK LEX LUTHOR HAS (Insert Color Here) Kryptonite, and is going to get revenge on Superman…. wow.. amazing. It’s a must… Read more »