Iron maiden – A Matter of Life and Death

Iron maiden - A Matter of Life and Death

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    The guy with the cigarette, I want to get to know him. It’s because of the way he is sitting there.


    Only death.


    Dude is fucking hardcore.


    I would have liked Iron Maiden much better if they would have canned Dickinson and his damned castrato opera wailing.

    Eddie the mascot, on the other hand, was pure genius.


    Nice representation of a T72 turret, too bad the commanders cupola is all wrong.

    As for the rest of the hull, at first I thought the turret was facing the rear, but it’s just a bad representation.

    At least the Spitfire cockpit for Aces High was well done.


    mld: You sure about the T-72? Their uniforms look WWII-esque, so I was thinking of an old M-26, but it’s clearly not the Pershing. T-84 came to mind next.

    Luke Magnifico

    ack: It’s not about the vocals, man.

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, Bruce Dickinson is a much cooler dude than you’ll ever be.


    Would you prefer the monotony of MTV’s crap-metal bands?

    Besides, this style was what metal started out with (Helloween, Judas Priest, Saxon, etc).

    Listen to Bruce Dickinson’s solo albums (which while I know is sacrilege, I consider them better then Iron Maiden’s) and tell me it’s still wailing. Linkin Park’s vocalist, now he wails.


    Um…dude, Bruce is Iron Maiden in my opinion. Without him, what would the point be?

    Dreth: Yes, it is sacrilege, but I loved his solo stuff!


    Definately modern Russina/Soviet tant turret, but the lower right fender looks like a WWII German Tiger front fender.

    interesting mix, figures in WWII Allied gear/weapons, but M16-ish guns on tank and flag.


    ok, I cant frigging type..

    Russian and tank..

    Luke Magnifico

    I don’t think

    It fucking matters.

    Drawn by Tim Bradstreet of Punisher covers fame


    Bruce Dickinson is way overrated.

    Some of MTV’s crap metal bands (late 80’s) did have singers I like better. Examples of 80’s MTV crap metal bands: Ratt, Dokken, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Poison (which was simply wrong on so many levels…). These were not great bands, but their singers didn’t wail like Bruce the banshee. His insistence on trying to hit and hold that operatic high note in every fucking song ruined Iron Maidens music for me.

    Anyhow, a more comparable band would be Judas Priest. Same time period, better singer, better guitars. Halford’s wailing was less pained and more powerful. They didn’t have a catchy mascot, but they were a much more talented band.


    You misinterpreted my “MTV crap metal” comment, I meant shit like Slipknot, Staind, Korn, Disturbed, Mudvayne, etc.

    While I don’t like the bands you posted, besides Ratt and Dokken, I have to agree they were good for their time and were fairly talented compared to today’s mundane commercial crap.

    But if you wanna enjoy Iron Maiden without wailing, you can always give the non-Bruce era Maiden albums a spin.

    And maybe I don’t mind his voice because I’ve heard worse (in terms of being overly-operatic).


    OK… I thought by MTV you meant MTV while Iron Maiden was in its heyday. I actually don’t know much about the bands you listed because I gave up on MTV in 1991 when reality TV and Yo, MTV Raps were heavily promoted.

    I have also heard worse, but those bands should really not be mentioned. Examples: Steel Heart, White Lion, Slaughter… fwah! Fucking horrible…

    Golden Years was my favorite Iron Maiden song due to the lack of yodeling.

    BTW… Hocus Pocus, by Focus, is my favorite rock song that actually includes yodeling… it’s so bad it’s good. Link:\

    Luke Magnifico

    ack: Bruce Dickinson is the frontman of one of the forefather bands of modern metal, he’s a pilot, he’s a swordsman who’s competed in fencing competitions at the international level, in school he once pissed in the principal’s soup, he doesn’t do drugs and he once presented a show on Sky about spontaneous human combustion.

    It doesn’t matter that you don’t like his voice, because your life doesn’t matter compared to his anyway.


    Saw them live two years ago in Sheffield… most boring… night of my life


    dieA: that’s a skeleton me, lazy. Sitting on the moving thing.
    RSI: No, just not moving.


    Is it? I fall in undying love with people who sit like that whenever I see them. It’s usually men because it’s not appropriate for a girl to sit like that. This is basic body language or whatever and in my case, raw instincts take over and I turn into an animal. An animal in clothes.


    “An animal in clothes.”
    You HAD to ruin it!

    Biggus Dickuss

    They bastardized the fuck and piss and shit out of the M16 for that logo. The cover is great, the M16 bastardization… fucking sacrilege. Makes no goddamned sense to have the magazine so far forward, the bolt is in the receiver and that is how the rounds are chambered. Horrible.

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