MCS Last Show – sykotik

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This was at my last show, last year. We played Battle of the Bands. We tied for first. It was my best show ever. I’ll never forget, they called band after band, and the crowd was apathetic. Then they called our band (next to last) and the entire place erupted. Surreal. That was the best experience of my life, second to the birth of my son (I got to watch the C-Section and see all her guts n stuff, that was great) We have a demo, I’m no longer in the band, at – I for one, believed we needed to flesh out our songs more, the other guitarist just wanted to get riffs out and call it quits. Creative differences I would say, the songs could have been so much better.

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    my good sir, i do believe you have misplaced your shirt.


    So when we forming a new band?

    Yeah, I’d have to put photography on hold, but I suck at that anyway.


    If that is you in the pic, then I used to work with you at Hell, you should know. I never did get that evil b guitar, just got a refund, he retired and now all his guitars are no longer custom made. now you should know who this is. oh and I also got kicked out of Hell this past OCT. keep in touch, JG, I will



    Thx for blogging.