Alaska Moose Federation

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We’re working to keep moose off your cars!

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    This looks dumb.


    “Ubiquitous Sarah Palin comment”


    What struck me most about this is that there’s actually bills in the box. :p




    What struck me the most about this was the bulldozer.

    madhouses visites

    About time!

    Luke Magnifico

    @Sticky: 1 dollar bills.


    Hoots mon! there’s a moose loose aboot this hoos!


    Yes because you need a bulldozer to remove a moose from your car.


    last christmas eve my uncle hit a deer.. being the guy that picks shit up for the county, he had to clear it off the road. Also, being the redneck he decided to take it home. So he loads the 135 -160 lbs carcass into the back off his pick-up (do all rednecks drive trucks?) He starts driving and after about ten mins he hears some oddly loud moaning- he said- he pulled over and the fuckin thing was still alive, but he didn’t have his gun.. so he grabbed a hammer and beat the shit out of it.. He… Read more »


    i lived in Alaska for 20 years. moose are a problem on the roads. i don’t know what this BS box is about, but if it helps keep the numbers of hits down, it’s a good thing. hitting a moose tends to tear the roof off of your car and makes you roll many times.

    there is a special moose train the runs from Anchorage to Fairbanks that picks up dead moose hit by the train. they are butchered and served at homeless shelters.

    Luke Magnifico

    @storminator: Clearly, your car is not adapted for MOOSECULL.


    @ moe, that is because a deer smashed his truck. If that has been your little car, it would have totaled it. You’d have it hit it with a hammer to and found it liberating.

    Deer are like mice/rats.

    nice to look at in a lab, maybe cute in a Pixar movie. Usually though, they just need to die.


    @storminator: A TRAIN?!? AWSOME! now i’m picturing a stainless steal train with butchering devices and saws and entrails and sick stuff, blood pouring off the back and homeless zombies chasing it! Blood train!


    With a big inverted drill maw face on the front?

    You are mean.


    Yeah, but one, you can buy a soda or some unhealthy snack from a vending machine with a 1 dollar bill, and two, look at the left (OR DO I MEAN RIGHT?!…no I mean left) side of the box. Looks like someone put three in at once.


    Even if I do not hit a deer, they cost me money, because they raise my insurance rates…


    Tip for humans living in Alaska: stay out of moose territory.


    Will do “moose stuff” for money..


    What’s the difference between Alaska and the lower 48? Down here in the lower 48 MoOsehead is a beer in Alaska it is a fairly common Felony conviction.

    Moose Guy

    Hello, I wanted to explain what the coin boxes are for. They raise funds from folk’s spare change to operate the snow cats seen on the top of the box. We can groom about 8 miles of trail for $20. The AMF has operatd the snow cats for 2 winters now creating diversionary snow trails along the Parks Highway north of Anchorage. The moose then walk on the groomed trails we create rather than the highways. It works extremely well because, when faced with deep snow, the moose camp out on the roads and the cars then pick them up.… Read more »


    Pfft, 6 people? In a whole year? That’s not a major problem, that’s a minor inconvenience.


    We get in the hundreds of thousands of deer/auto accidents every year. It’s insane. I wish we had someplace they could go rather that in front, or hopping on the hood, of my truck.


    Thank you Moose Guy for this information.