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110814-F-3352W-0048.jpg (770 KB)

Capable of carrying nuclear weapons and tailor-made for Indian specifications, the fighter jet integrates Indian systems and avionics.It also contains French and Israeli subsystems. The biggest difference between it and the SU-30MK is the addition of Canards and 3D thrust vectoring. At the recent Red flag It posted a high “friendly Kill” rate against the f-15, and f-16\’s. In the last photo you can see the SU-30MKI\’s 3d thrust vector nozzles pointing down.

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    No explosions?


    I heart me some Sukhoi.


    I’m just going to say this….Top Gun was not that cool of a movie.


    I’ll take one.

    pantsoffdanceoff: I dunno. Top Gun has it’s moments. So does Iron Eagle.


    Good stuff. What site are you getting these from?


    Is it fueled by the same stuff that makes my Vindaloo Curry so damn hot?


    Beats the shit out of the Mirage, (and the F-15 outside of the nose) so can’t blame the French or the Indians for getting the most bang for their buck.

    Seriously, they will be the aggressors in any conflict, and both have eyes in the sky, so no worries about the less than top-notch electronics.

    General X

    Why is this “Indian” airplane flying the Italian flag. Look at the tail, that is not the Indian flag, also the roundel is that of the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force).


    General X:

    I believe the flag and rondelle are Iranian.

    General X

    The Italian flag is a green strip at the left, than a white one than a green one, their roundel is red outer ring, middle white and green center.
    The Iranian flag is green stripe on top, middle white and red bottom stripe. They are similar, but look at the tail. As to why they are using Russian planes, I honestly can not tell you. But them’s the markings.

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